Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×16

14 Ιολ.

Hello dear readers! This will may be my last post until I go off  on holidays this Sunday. I am so excited because I am going via interail to Milan, Paris and Strasbourg! Travel is my life, I cannot bear to ever stop going to places, seeing new things and tasting different cuisines. Using trains in Europe is so much fun and I’ve had my fair share of experiences. Once in Switzerland I lost a train due to bad timing… I was almost a minute late and it had already gone! I have stepped into amazing trains (from Barcelona to Madrid) and to terrible trains. But however good or bad the train was, the experience is something everyone has to try. Especially until they turn 26, when the free entrances on museums, the lower prices and all the other good stuff stop!

Two episodes to go for season one. I can’t wait to explore season two again, for in season two the fashion style of the characters improves and Blair’s hair is at its best! Moving on to this episode, we have the usual leather jackets by Serena and the navy style by Blair! Love both!Blair and Jenny meet at the steps of the Met before school, each followed by their army. It seems quite stupid, but this is Gossip Girl and everything is bit stretched out. Blair’s outfit is the one I favor the most, though Jenny’s pastel yellow trench coat is very adorable!

I have to admit that Blair’s hair looks nice, but Jenny’s hair-do is freaking awesome!

This is a cute headband, but I would prefer it without the bow. It has a weird shape…

Red tights say «Fire on legs»! Especially when they are this good.

Jenny with her new boyfriend. Awww! If only he was as interested into her as she is into him!

Bigger views of Blair’s and Jenny’s outfits. If you think about it they make a nice image together.

Serena with her brother, Eric, outside their apartment building. I can’t stop staring at Serena’s military vest with golden buttons.

Who is reading a book and has amazing curls? Well, it’s Georgina Sparks, Serenan’s old friend from the past who has come to torture her.

Of course, she had to check out where Vanessa is working. And by the way, I love this coffee shop. I live for coffee shops like this, where you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee and a delicious muffin, or a salad during lunch while checking your emails on your laptop. *Ramble talk is over*

Dan came by to meet with Georgina. By the way, she hasn’t introduced herself as such.

Vanessa’s earrings are so playful! Adore them.

Serena also meets up with Dan. He has become quite popular this boy!

Mrs. Van der Woodsen, soon to be Mrs. Bass, looks very sophisticated with her glasses.

Blair and Serena have a chat together. I always like seeing them together, because they are so different from each other, in character, looks and also fashion!

Lilly with Rufus looking at wedding gowns. What an odd thing to do with an ex-lover!

This is the reason I love Blair’s style… high waisted bodycon skirts! They are sexy without being too revealing and lengthen her torso and legs. Also, Isabel’s dress is so gorgeous.

Now that I can look at it better, there are small stars on it.

What a cute pair of glasses this is. It looks like Harry Potter’s glasses only in a girly red version.

Jenny with her school uniform, tries to get intimate with her boyfriend, but he doesn’t seem so eager for that.

Serena’s leather bag appears in this scene and I like it a lot! She also gets a message from Georgina. Oops!

Lilly in a neon blue dress. 

Georgina came over to have dinner, only she was uninvited!

Serena changed into a lovely dress in nude! Blake Lively surely has an amazing body, no objections in that.

The dinner goes well for everyone except Serena. Georgina is acting like they are BFFs.

Not only does she have great body, she also has long legs! Bravo.

Jenny and her boyfriend being cute. Once again Jenny has a gorgeous hair-do. Love the purple headband.

There is an uninvited guest in Jenny’s party who know how to make an impression on people.

Yes, it’s Blair. Her dress is amazing and her pearls are amazing as well.

And she knows it!

Serena puts on a metallic coat and meets with Dan.

Georgina ruins the romantic atmosphere of course.

Jenny’s headband is even cuter than seen before.

Blair can’t help it, she has to take her place as Queen B back. So, she tries to undermine Jenny every chance she is given. Which works fine for her in this case.

Lilly enjoying a book in her enormous apartment. Oh, the pleasures of a quiet life…

Blair being sexy and bitchy! What she knows best.

Serena goes to Blair to ask for help.

Blair’s nightie in black looks feminine and hot! This girl has the best nightwear ever!



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