Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×03

1 Δεκ.

The third episode is one of my favourites from season one. Two reasons for this. Firstly, Serena is so fashion forward in all her appearances and Blair is following behind with her more propper and college-y choices. Secondly, the two enemies after a big fight, in the end they decide to stop being childish and make up. What more could you possibly want? Oh, and Nate is causing fires in this episode ( I said it as smoothly as possible).

The highschool students of the Upper East Side are getting ready for much-anticipated interviews with future Universities just to get an early acceptance. However, these are not your typical Universities, but the Ivy League such as Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Brown and others. So, the stress is expected… as well as the amount of time they spent if front of their mirror.

The ribbon-pin Blair is wearing is the perfect accessorie.

Girls chat before the big gathering concerning the Ivy League.

huck’s scarf is making an appearance again. We adore it!

Blair in one of my favourite looks. The white headband goes along with the white blouse, a navy blue skirt and red tights.

Serena on the other hand is wearing a tartan skirt and a matching tie, a white blouse and a woolen vest and an awesome pair of suede boots over the knee.

Serena and Blair are training in sports and catfights. Always looking classy!

Blair is plotting against a certain blonde while speaking on the phone with Chuck. The colors of red and black really suit her.

Nate, wearing a Fred Perry sweater is running around Central Park.

Blair again wearing a white blouse and a navy blue skirt. But this time there is also a stiped belt.

An alternative way to read your book is to flip quickly through it.

A few pictures from the beautiful New York.

This airy dress Serena is wearing really shows off her light colored features. In earthy tones (brown and white) and with a scarf around her head which makes the dress stand out even more.

Rufus Humphrey with his guitar. A sexy, but forgotten rock star.

Blair with a conservative suit tries to charm the university representatives.

Nate in a sexy tuxedo. He is under the pressure of his father to go to Dartmouth, although he wants something different for himself.

Serena is relaxing on a bench in Central Park reading a book. Then, Blair finds her and as it seems they make up. Serena’s purple hat is amazing and on Blair I really fancy her red lipstick.




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