Marie Antoinette: Fashion Review (part 1)

3 Νοέ.

This fashion review is full of luxury, vintage atmosphere, lots of clothes and macaroons! Of cource this film is no other than «Marie Antoinette» of Sofia Coppola with Kirsten Dunst. The queen of France was known for her passion for gumbling, parties and clothes.

Maria Antonia (her real name) was the duchess of Austria. Here is shown the Belvedere Palace in Vienna, although the family mainly lived in Schönbrunn Palace.

Her mother Maria Therese announces her marriage with Louis the 16th of France so that an alliance if formed between Austia and France.

Marie Antoinette enters the carriage that will lead her to the french land.

 The «photo» of older times.

She arrived at the spot where she had to change into clothes to present herself to the French King and his son.

Ready for France!

The Château des Versailles. Known for its greatness and its numerous gardens.

Inside the palace everything looks amazing. From the fabrics to the chandeliers and the furniture.

Stunning fans. Must accessorie of the time.

The marriage of Marie Antoinette with Louis and her title of Dauphine de France.

The wedding night… not so much of a private moment!

The awakening of a princess… And right here begin the multiple and different dress that really impress.

The names of the costumes and information are taken from here

1.  Pink Bows

2.  Pink Dinner

3.  Garden

4.  Hunting

5.  Peach

6.  Church

7.  Pink

8. Cards

9.  Letter

10.  Yellow

11.  Pale blue

12.  Bright Pink

13.  Dressing Gown

14.  Ermine Collar

15.  Dressmaking

16.  Peach stripe

17.  Pale Blue

18. Roses

19.  Letter No2

20. Yellow and Pink

This is the end of part one! The second part is going to be more glamourous and with more food since Marie Antoinette becomes an expert on throwing parties.


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  1. maria Νοέμβριος 4, 2010 στις 7:02 μμ #

    ti omorfo to palati!!!!! ti romantikes photo…:) allwste oles kryvoume mia prigkipissa mesa mas! mpravo mary!


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