The Notebook: Fashion Review

27 Φεβ.

Week-end is here! Oh, how I love it! I decided today to make a fashion review of a loved film, The Notebook. I am sure you have watched it and if you haven’t go do it right now! It’s a  story of two people with different backgrounds who meet and fall in love, but other people and circumstances keep them apart. About the fashion now. The film is set in the early 1940’s and after the war in America. This era is defined by a lot of playsuits, high-waisted shorts, polka dots and other fashionable items. It was when the pin-up girls really developed and were established. Allie’s (Rachel Mc Adams) style is all about bright red lipstick, cute playsuits and curly hair. A perfect combination, if you ask me!

One again like in Pride & Prejudice, the photography in The Notebook is breathtaking.

Gena Rowlands always with a class and a chic outfit!

But, let’s get on with the fashion, because that’s what this post is all about, right?

A pair of striped high-waisted shorts and a high-cut matching blouse. A cute outfit and the girl has the «balls» to wear it!

Meet Noah (Ryan Gosling) everyone! A humble guy from a poor family, a real charmer.

Allie (on the right) is wearing a long red dress. Oh, I love this girl! She has already figured out my favorite color!

A cute big wheel! I love getting in one of those. Like at the Prater Park in Vienna, Austria?

Noah is pretty pushy. He sees what he wants and he goes and gets it!

Not my favorite outfit and color. But Rachel is pulling it off with this knee length green dress. Have to say I like the gloves.

Ryan Gosling is just her to distract you!

A classic old movie theatre! Wish we had a few of those here!

Allie is wearing red again, this time as a cardigan with a dark blue dress. Her girlfriend is dressed weird again.

A cute playsuit in orange. Noah and Allie have just started dating!

Riding at the front of the bike might be exciting but also dangerous! However, girls are wearing again girly playsuits and they’re with their boys, so it’s ok!

Mmmm, ice-cream! Who wants some? It is about to land on Noah’s face in a few seconds. Just saying… Lovely dress, in red again!!!

This is a great dress, feminine and gorgeous, but the color is not my favorite. Looks good on Allie, though.

A pair of red hot shorts and a dive into the sea.

I love this playsuit/dress in yellow. It is adorable!

A playsuit with a flowery print! Have seen a lot of these lately. 40’s fashion is totally back!

Mmmm, we hadn’t seen black until this point. The white details are making it more girly and less formal.

A red and white playsuit. It’s my favorite from Allie. God, so many playsuits… I have to go buy some for this summer (only have like one)!

Love it when older women are wearing pearls and pull them off. Chic style has no age!

Was this an all white party? If so, Noah you are so not dressed for the occasion!

A very ordinary dress this one. However, I love the earrings!

Undergarments are just as important! High-waisted shorts once again! These are so feminine, tell me, how did we end up with g-strings?

Allie’s parents are against Noah & Allie’s relationship.

Comfy and cute pyjamas. That’s what I prefer too!

If breakfast is like this one, who skips it? Yum, yum!

Noah and Allie have been separated by Allie’s parents. However, Noah writes her a letter every day, even when he is fighting for his country.

Allie becomes a nurse during the war. That’s where she meets handsome soldier Lon. Although, I think he is not just a soldier, but I have no idea about military ranks.

So, the «soldier» wakes up and guess what… he is James Mardsen! I adore him!

Allie is charmed by him and agrees to a date with him.

This is a very glamorous dress. It looks to be all silk and have a lot of glitter on the back. Excellent choice of gloves and pearls.

Long rides along the beach. Love how at the time everyone knew how to ride a horse (well, not everyone obviously, but you get the point).

This white drape dress and the white flower make Allie look so innocent and young! Lon proposes marriage and she is thrilled. But, what about Noah?

Noah has returned from war. He looks good in his uniform, don’t you think?

This is a cute suit, but I hate what she’s wearing on her head. Is it supposed to be some kind of hat?

Allie’s wedding dress. Lace, lace, lace… Love, love, love!

Dress gets ruined. Allie has read something about Noah in a newspaper.

A red hat this time and red earrings.

My favorite dress in this film. Love the color of bordeaux, love the gloves, love the hair. I love everything about this look! Oh, and Allie has visited her past love.

A pale blue dress with a belt around the waist and a silk scarf on her hair. I swear these scarfs make her look like such a Lady! And a lot of pearls again.

This scene must be the best in the film. Noah is taking Allie for a ride on his boat. Such beautiful scenery… So romantic!

But then it starts to rain and they have to go back. This is the time when Allie yells at Noah for not fighting for her. He says he never gave up on her and sent her 365 letters. You know the rest I am sure…

Next morning, after last night’s bliss, Noah leaves some flowers and a note for Allie. Awwww!

Allie’s mum is rocking these vintage sunglasses.

Here are some of the letters that Noah had sent Allie for a year.

That’s all the fashion guys from the film. It was such a great trip down Memory Lane. I love this film for the story, the fashion and the deep emotions that it makes you feel.



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      No I’m sorry. There were the only good screencaps I could get. 😦

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