Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×13

9 Ιον.

It looks like summer has finally come here in Greece and I am already sweating and having that awful feeling of burning inside. What’s more? Final exams are here and I have to participate! And it just sucks! Right this moment I want to wear my bikini and head out to the sea, which is right next to me by the way…!

But, no! I am here, writing this post, surviving the heat and making mental notes about fashion from our lovely Gossip Girl characters. This episode was amazing when it came to fashion (and script as well if you remember what happened). Loved, loved, loved Blair’s coats and I would totally die my hair darker just to wear that orange jacket.

In the first scene we see a female wearing heeled boots, a plaid skirt and a red leather jacket browsing at a drug store and picking up a pregnancy test! Oh, the insanity!

Then we see it’s Serena Van der Woodsen and of course everyone finds out in a few minutes (or even seconds) later.

Now let’s get to the outfit. I am ok with the red leather jacket and the skirt. But what’s up with that ugly purse? Yes, I am not a fan of the animal print obsession and certainly not a fan of this one.

Then, Jenny goes to meet with Blair (and her «loyal» army) at the steps of the Met wearing a gorgeous montgomery coat and a lovely green cardigan (shown later). I also like the matchy-matchy feel of her skirt and the beanie. Don’t know how I feel about the purse, though.

Oh, Blair! Dear, Blair! Can I borrow this whole outfit, please? Especially this wonderful trench coat with the golden buttons. I have a thing with those. Remember with how much love I described Serena’s coat with golden button in the previous Fashion Recap?

Here are Isabel and Nelly, Blair’s friends. Both wearing plaid earmuffs. How cool is that (the plaid, not the matching)!

Serena again! Coming to give Blair something that belongs to her.

You can see a clearer view of Blair’s amazing coat and Serena’s hideous purse…!

Someone is very jealous and wearing a very vintage french beret! That someone is the tasteful Chuck Bass of course!

This green cardigan Jenny is wearing is so cute! I am a true believer of wearing bright colors during winter. Why should you wear black, grey and brown? Spice it up!

Blair now wears a comfortable pair of jeans with a bordeaux blouse. 

Serena has a romantic dinner with Dan. Awww!

Then she goes visit Chuck, who wears a light yellow turtleneck. Only you, Chuck! Serena’s metallic golden coat is a bit too much for my taste!

Jenny with a red cardigan this time and lovely curls!

I really like this outfit on Serena. The large bag is perfect for University and I adore the color.

Blair is relaxing on her big sofa, while wearing a violet nightdress with some ruffles.

A much better view of the bag!!!Yeah! And we get to see those golden shimmery gloves!

Chuck, always with an attitude that boy!

Blair, with a dark green maxi coat and a lighter green headband. The inside of her coat is even better. Just wait and see.

Serena and Dan on a pic-nic. Dan’s jacket is…ehm…ok I guess!

Whoa, a lot of sequins in one small beret. And there’s two of them!

The orange jacket makes its first appearance. And everyone in school (and the rest of  NY) finds out about Chuck and Blair having had sex.

I prefer Chuck when he dresses a little bit more formal. Not that I don’t like the red sneakers.

Tada!!! The orange jacket! And did you notice? Blair’s hair got straight. You would think she wouldn’t have time to even put on a lip balm, but no she has time to iron her hair (someone messed up with the direction?). Anyways, love the jacket!

Serena in a grey coat and a grey blouse. The outfit doesn’t have anything interesting. Too bad.

Will Isabel and Nelly stop dressing the same way? It starts getting on my nerves…!

Jenny with a blue coat and light pink beret matched with pink tights. But why this weird purse again?


I love Blair’s tweed coat and her headband so much! And take a look at the gigantic bow on her collar! SO ADORABLE!

Serena chose to wear a beautiful scarf as a headband and the pattern is so gorgeous. You may notice that each side has different pattern. One has the red pattern and the other some darker, maybe black one with white dots.

Fuller version of the tweed coat and a few tears for Queen B.

Chuck with a pink cardigan.

Come on now people!!! Seriously, what are they? Twins (it would be so much worse in that case however)?

Check out Jenny’s coat! GORGEOUS, right?

Serena with a blue coat and amazing hair!

She finds Blair who is about to escape from NY., but Serena stops her. Yes, it would be cool if any of us could escape with a helicopter…!

I think Blair is wearing a had like those athletes who ride horses wear (I don’t know the name, please tell me if you do)!



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