Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×09

17 Απρ.

Oh, sweet Lord, Easter Holidays are here!!! Two whole weeks of no Uni and hospitals (may I remind you I am a nursing student!) and more time to catch up with things, friends and stuff I need to do! I already feel graduation approaching and I need to say this «I am scared as s***!» So, in an attempt to calm myself and relax, I try rewatching Gossip Girl and making these wonderful Fashion Recaps for you guys.

This episode takes place during Thanksgiving and it is among my favorite episodes from this season, fashion and script concerning. We get to see a few flashes from last year’s disasterous Thanksgiving and try to compare it with today’s. Blair’s outfits are more interesting in this episode and Serena is more «blah, whatever».

We begin with Serena’s past Thanksgiving and her leopard wool coat. To me this whole outfit must be the worst Serena has ever worn. But allow me to be mistaken! In general, I’m not a big fan of the animal print, but in this case it’s not just that! The green dress is also a bit ugly and don’t get me started on the boots. Let’s just all forget that Serena ever dressed like this.

Blair is wearing a plaid coat and yet another headband. Oh, and did you notice her hair is shorter? I find it gorgeous, to be honest!

Mr Lonely Boy as he is about to bump into drunken Serena! He was in love with her since like FOREVER!

Serena is looking so much better now! With her hair in a ponytail and a very nice golden jacket!

The Humphreys are preparing their Thanksgiving meal. If I haven’t said it yet, I love their kitchen. I could cook in there for hours.

Miss Blair is wearing a red silken dress with a kind of blue pattern. Take a look at the sleeves, something special is going on in there!

Now we can see the whole outfit Serena is wearing. I love those bright blue pants! So elegant and yet powerful! Mrs Van der Woodsen plans to cook for Thanksgiving, but Serena informs her that they’ve been invited by the Humphreys.

Another view of Blair’s shorter hair! Don’t you think it makes her look like 10? Hehe!

And Nate of course! He’s always so handsome, I have nothing more to say…

Mrs Van der Woodsen doesn’t want to go to the Humphrey’s because she has a past with Humphrey Senior! I can’t quite figure out Serena’s outerwear. Is it a coat or what?

This lacy dress in nude is my all time favorite of Blair’s! It is a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, so that’s why it is feminine with a touch of elegance. Also, I love those curls! I have straight hair and I could never get these amazing curls.

Welcome to the Archibalds! They are dressed pretty fancy for thei Thankgsgiving meal, right? I wish we gave this glamour in our house (not).

And this is the Humphrey’s Thanksgiving meal. I swear I have seen these plates in IKEA. Aren’t they gorgeous?

A full view of Serena’s dress. You may notice the UGG boots, but it’s Blake Lively who’s wearing them and not Serena. She’s still has human feet people!

And finally, we are at the Waldorfs. Blair is not very hungry, because her father is not present. God, I really can’t stop staring at those curls.

After her mum’s pressure to eat something she choses a rather gigantic pie. At this point I’d like to say Bravo! to the writers for choosing to show a not so rare phenomenon among  teen girls. I’m talking about an eating disorder. The tric is that we never hear the characters talk about it, but we see it through this scene where Blair eats the whole pie herself and with flashes of her «getting rid» of her food.

Here is a flash from past Thanksgiving, when Serena got drunk. And then follows a water-fight in the bathroom between Serena, Blair and Nate.

Serena finds Blair crying and comforts her. This scene was very realistic and I have to say Leighton was amazing.

They both go back to the Humphreys estate. Blair put on a crop jacket to go with her beautiful dress. I have no idea which is cuter right now!

The kids decide to go eat outside without their parents.

Jenny and Dan are taking a stroll in the city. Love Jenny’s coat, not her socks and shoes!

One last glimpse of Blair’s shorter hair and a cute dress with a huge bow around the chest area.

It seems that everyone had some fun time in the end. 

P.S. I know it took me a long time to update, but I promise during holidays to post more frequently…



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