Au revoir mes amis!

16 Ιολ.

The day has almost come! Tomorrow I will be traveling towards Italy and closer to my dream destination. It is Paris of course and I really hope that this time I will discover different things. It is difficult to explore all of Paris just once. You have to go again and see things you’ve missed the previous time.

There are a few things someone can enjoy in Paris. Culture, food, shopping and beautiful buildings! I can’t wait to take photos of gorgeous sightings and buildings and taste mouthwatering tarts and croissants! So, I leave you with a few photos that describe what Paris is all about!

(photos are not mine)



Ένα Σχόλιο to “Au revoir mes amis!”

  1. Miss Olga Ιουλίου 22, 2011 στις 4:33 μμ #

    Wohoo! I really envy you:) Safe trip & good luck!


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