Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×02

21 Νοέ.

In this episode Blair has the main part in fashion fair and square. From her silken dressing gown and her luxurious lingerie to the white dress that gets all the attention. Things are still not okay between the two best friends (Serena and Blair) and they become worse when Blair reveals to Serena that she knows what happened between her and Nate.

Another day in busy New York and the annual brunch of Bartholomew «Bart» Bass is here.

We start again with Serena Van der Woodsen who combines a gorgeous knitted cardigan with a pair of shorts and a pair of black suede boots. One point bonus for the boots!

Serena as a good friend she is, took a few croissants and Blair’s favourite film «Breakfast at Tiffany’s» for them to watch, as they do every Sunday.

But Blair, obviously upset, tells Serena that she does not recall inviting her over. Then,she tells her she knows everything about her and Nate. As she tells her friend off she looks quite sic in her silken dressing gown.

Mrs Lily van den Woodsen reminds me a it of Jackie Kennedy with those big sunglasses.

The blue strapless dress Blair’s mum designed is a bit out of season for Blair. I on the other hand, love it!

Of course the underwear is so much prettier than the dress.

Serena with Dan to the brunch Bart Bass is throwing. The sewn details on the dress make it fashion worthy.

My favourite dress from this episode. It is so… shic and vintage looking and combined with Blair’s romantic curls it looks ever more stunning.

Let’s not forget the boys of the series. Nate and Chuck are looking handsome in their tuxedos.

Serena in the last scene decides to part ways with Blair after their catfight at the brunch. She throws her cellphone in a garbage can… no comment!

As the series moves on it becomes juicy-er in its script and fashion. You know you love it!



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