Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×18

10 Αυγ.

The last Fashion Recap from season one is here! After that, it’s a full and amazing season two. In this episode, Blair wears the most perfect outfit for summer, especially in a Mediterreanean country like mine (I’m taking notes)! Though season one was the smallest of all (only 18 episodes), it made us fall in love with Gossip Girl and prepared us for what was to come in future.

Someone has been wandering all night long around New York, feeling guilty and pittyful. It is Serena Van der Woodsen. This is why she hasn’t changed clothes and is still wearing her beautiful trench coat.

Blair, on the other hand, had so much fun last night plotting with Chuck that they overslept on her bed. She also wakes up wearing the clothes she wore last night and furious at Chuck.

Awwwwww! Such a cute image. 

So, Serena visits Dan to apologize for her behaviour. And guess who’s there also! Georgina, yeah.

Her amazing necklace shows perfect in these two screencaps.

And a full view of her lovely trench coat as she leaves Dan’s house.

Mrs Van der Woodsen wears a beautiful orange dress to go apartment-hunting with her boyfriend-soon-to-be-husband. Just kidding for the last part…

Blair and Dan together? This is their first scene together in season one. There is some serious plotting going on… Love Blair’s hairdo and her lovely dress in red.

This is the last scene of Georgina. Unfortunately for her, Blair managed to find her parents and send her back to wherever she came from.

Didn’t you know, Georgina? She’s the only crazy bitch around!

I really don’t like this orange dress. Even though it was made by little J. It still looks awful to me!

This is where Lilly and Bart’s wedding is going to be. So romantic, right?

Blair is the first to arrive from the Upper East Siders. Her dress is airy with a floral print and a very sexy back. Great choice!

She meets Chuck when she goes inside. Normally I don’t like gigantic flowers on clothes, but this one looks well porpotioned, so I don’t mind that much.

Another cute moment…!

Nate and Chuch still being broody to each other.

Serena and Blair catch up before the wedding. Yellow and black go great together for Serena. The black gloves are a very sexy detail to the outfit.

Mrs Van der Woodsen has a last conversation with her past lover.

Her wedding dress could be more princess-like, but considering it’s her milionth marriage, I’m guessing she wanted a low-profile dress.

Again with the hideous dress. Had to show you more proof for my accusations!

Serena joins Dan and Vanessa for a bit.

Blair in her lovely pink floral dress again! I’d like to add that I also adore the flower on her head. It adds more elegance.

Serena, the maid of honnor. Rather odd to have your child be your maid of honnor… but in USA lots of things are different from here or…the rest of the world.

*wedding music on* Here comes the Bride!

The wedding reception is the best part of the wedding for me. You get to eat yummy food and meet perhaps interesting people. And if the cake is delicious, you get to have great memories. If the cake is bad… 

Vanessa and Blair don’t like each other that much in the first season.. or any season for that matter.

Serena and Dan are left outside to talk things out. 

Oh, it’s the bestman’s speech! And he speaks so well… even Blair is touched.

Serena and Dan, not in so good terms during the end of the season finale.

The amazing navy look I talked about in the begining of the post. Blair will dominate the French and Italian Riviera in these clothes.

The scarf (probably a Hermes one) is a must!

Chuck in a yellow shirt and a knitted vest chatting with Nate. The latter looks like he came out of a Nautica campaign.

Nate and Serena meet in the end of the episode. 

Blair’s gorgeous pair of heels I secretly want to steal!

What a lovely hat you have, madam. Perfect for sunny days in Tuscany.

Chuck was supposed to travel with Blair. But his dad messes up with his plans.

And Blair ends up going on holidays with another man. There was a big jet confusion… Oh, rich people and the problems they have!

Dan and Vanessa. I almost have forgotten about them. Nothing special going on with them.

Serena and Nate have some fun together. Serena gets a brain freeze at some point.

Love her pair of jeans here. She looks (if possible) even taller in them!

THE END of Season One! Season Two Coming Soon…



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