Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×10

23 Απρ.

Easter is finally here!!! And why am I excited? Because in my country we celebrate Easter more than Christmas and we have a lot of fun traditions. Like eating lamb (in our special way), dying red eggs and saying «Christos Anesti» at midnight tonight. Then we go home and eat a special soup and then on Sunday we eat as much as we can! You don’t know how to celebrate Easter until you’ve done it the Greek way my friends!

Before I get ready for celebrating Easter, I decided to make another Fashion Recap and this one is really classy and involves a lot of dancing and being lady-like. I am talking about the Debutante Ball, where our lovely Blair and Serena present themselves to the high society as prospective wives and talk about their interests, charities and other boring stuff. Sounds cool, right?

Serena and Blair are talking about the Ball and Nate Archibald, while walking the streets of New York. Serena is wearing her usual plaid skirt with over the knee socks and Blair is rocking some bright red tights with a pair of high-waisted shorts. Also, I love her jacket so much!

Chuck and Nate are also walking the streets of New York and they they are more matchey-matchey since they both wear the same tie and pair of pants. Maybe St Judes is a more strict school! Who knows? Anyways, Chuck is wearing one of his famous scarfs and looking fiiiiine!

Jenny in season 1 doesn’t have a much eye-catching style, but as we go further in the episodes she develops a great style! Here, I love her little beret and her shoes. Not so much the purse and the orange tights.

It’s time for some dance preparations! Everyone who is going to the ball has to practice a bit, because there is going to be waltz dancing and nobody wants to mess it up. Especially Miss Blair.

Serena, Dan and Jenny at the dance studio.

Mrs. Van der Woodsen wearing a knitted grey dress with a brown belt. This woman is the epitomy of chic.

Who is this woman? Doesn’t she remind you of someone? Well, meet the mother of Lily Van der Woodsen and grandmother of Serena Van der Woodsen.

Dan as a Brooklyn boy he is and a bit of an outcast does not fancy going to the ball and Serena shares pretty much the same opinion! 

Nate visits Blair at her house to ask her to go to the ball with him, but as friends only. Yeah, right…

This little pin was sewn there by Blair so that Nate will always «have her heart on his sleeve». Awwwwwww!

Three generations of chicness are having tea and some biscuits. Serena’s silken nightwear make my Snoopy pyjama bottoms look boring and too much comfortable!

Nate is fitting his grey suit and waits for Blair to give her positive response. She appears very late in a pair of skinny jeans, a cropped green jacket and a golden cashemire sweater.

Lot’s and lot’s of designer shoes! Mrs Van der Woodsen takes little J for some shopping. 

Serena and Dan go to Blair’s house where there seems to be some fancy tea drinking occasion. Serena is wearing a bodycon dress with some sort of silver print on it.

Do you remember this cute boy? He appeared in episode 1×04 and then he had a few problems with Chuck. But now it seems that he will have problems with Nate (Chuck had something to do with it of course).

Take a look at Serena’s nails. They have a silver nail polish on them.

Jenny is trying on her bandeau dress in light pink. She’s going to the ball as well.

Chuck in a dark brown coat agrees to help Nate find Blair’s new flirt. Poor Nate doesn’t know it’s his own best friend yet!

Right this moment Chuck listens to Blair dismissing some Prince’s representative, because she changed her mind and is going to the ball with Nate Archibald.

Blair’s high heel landing on Chuck’s foot. Ouch!

Uber-sexy Serena in her nightie getting ready for the ball.

Look at her excitement! She even spins around and all! But Dan doesn’t want to go to the ball and really destroys the mood.

Love her ponytail! Just found myself a great hairstyle for tomorrow.

Blair and her huge bows! Here is another one on her dress. And a gorgeous dress that is.

Now let’s take a better look at Serena’s golden dress. I like the upper top, but the bottom looks a bit heavy and not so easy to walk. But what do I know? Like I have even worn such fancy dress…

The boys, Nate and Chuck, look very, very handsome in their suits. As fas as I’m concerned they should only wear suits from now on!

Chuck’s plan to make Nate forget about Blair failed unfortunately. They finally kissed and we got to see the back of Blair’s dress.

So, at the end of the episode Chuck packs a few suitcases and heads for the airport. Running away is never the solution Mr Bass.


I wish everyone happy Easter and have fun while your holidays last.



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