Pride & Prejudice: Film Recap

17 Ιαν.

A new film recap is here! God I loved doing this one so much! Pride & Prejudice is one of my favourite films ever and THE favourite from all the Jane Austen’s films. It is not only because Keira Knightley stars in it (she is an amazing actress in my humble opinion), but also because Joe Wright has directed it (also directed Atonement and The Soloist) and created another world for us, the Jane Austen world. Furthermore, the storytelling of Miss Austen is so modern and the whole objection to the basis of match-making which was frowned upon in her time, but it seems so close to our values. Now, I know you don’t care about all that, all you care about is the handsome Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy played by Matthew MacFadyen (and adorable Colin Firth in the BBC version) so let’s get on with it.

Warning: I am completely obsessed with Pride & Prejudice and this will be a very, very, very long film recap, filled with details and trivia about my favourite Jane Austen novel.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) is the second oldest sister in the Bennett family, with her sister Jane being the oldest and considered the most beautiful. Lizzie is a free spirit and a literature freak, who doesn’t fear speaking her mind. It is being said that many of Lizzie’s personality traits resemble those of Austen. The film begins with Lizzie reading (what else?) a novel and then offering us a tour to the Bennett house.

Mary Bennett is nothing like her other younger sisters, Lydia and Kitty. She is very shy and quiet, while she enjoys playing the piano quite a lot.

Mr and Mrs Bennett are arguing over the arrival of young bachelor Mr Bingley.

Lydia (on the right) and Kitty (on the left) are very eager to meet Mr Bingley. Lydia is portrayed as a silly girl with a lack of moral judgement and a wish to marry young and be quite fortunate at it. Kitty follows.

The girls and Mrs Bennett are informed that Mr Bingley will be at a big ball tomorrow to meet everyone.

The Bennett cottage! Quite adorable don’t you think?

The ball! I always liked how everyone is being introduced before they could speak to each other (when they are not acquainted with each other of cource) and escpecially the unmarried girls to men. Doesn’t that create a mystery? No cheesy pick-up lines.. just «Madam, could I have the honor of speaking to your daughter in private?»

Jane (right), Lizzie and Charlotte having fun. Charlotte is older than Lizzie, at 27 years old, considered quite old to be unmarried at that time.

Mr Bingley, his sister Caroline and his best friend Mr Darcy have arrived. If you’re wondering who is who, the taller one is no other than Mr Darcy.

From left to right, Caroline, Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley. They are walking to the other side of the room. Don’t you just feel the tension? Rich people just walked in.

Mrs Bennett rushed Mr Bennett to introduce them to the rich people. She’s looking for a nice son-in-law! But unfortunately, Mr Darcy is not at all charmed by her tactics.

Lizzie, Jane and Mr Bingley are chatting. However, Lizzie is doing most of the chat. Jane may be more beautiful, but she is written to be quite shy and to hide her emotions (whatever they are). Mr Bingley seems interested inspite of that.

Another thing I love about balls is the dance part. How did they manage to do those complicated dances back then? I mean how do they know when to do the little circles, cross the other side and stuff? I have a better appreciation of their education right now.

Lizzie asks Mr Darcy to dance. He doesn’t like the sport, he says. Not if he can help it!

Then later, Lizzie listens to his conversation with Mr Bingley where he asks if he liked Lizzie and he says «I thought she was barely tolerable!» I believe this is where the misunderstanding began. Mr Darcy din’t mean that! He was just proud to confess his true attraction to Lizzie. And Lizzie began to be prejudiced towards him. Well, there you have it! Pride & Prejudice together!

And of cource, Lizzie as a free spirit she is, she had to let Mr Darcy know he is «barely tolerable» as well.

Jane and Lizzie gossiping about Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy. Love how they talk under the covers.

The next day, at the breakfast, Jane recieves a letter from Caroline Bingley, inviting her to dine with her, while Mr Bingley is dining out. That makes her mother rather angry, so she doesn’t let her use the carriage and forces her to go horse-back riding to the Bingley manor.

Of course, it starts to rain and Janes ends up with a cold. But that’s alright, because her mother has her own match-making-evil plans! Jane stays at the Bingley manor until she gets better.

Lizzie decides to visit her beloved sister. There, however, she gets the pleasure of meeting Mr Darcy again! This time he seems less snobish.

(by the way, I love this scene! such an amazing photography in this film!)

Jane is lying on the bed after she caught a cold. Must have been really bad at that time without the advanced medicine.

Lizzie also had to stay in the Bingley manor. Had to take care of her sister. Mr Bingley arrived as well, after the news of Jane being ill.

Caroline Bingley has set her eyes on Mr Darcy. Can’t think of why! Do you?

Then she asks him what does he look for in a woman and he says education and blah, blah, blah and a thirst for knowledge and literature. Oh, we know who has that thirst alright!

Caroline and Lizzie walking around the room. Makes the gentlemen stare.

Breakfast time! (What on earth is Mr Darcy so eagerly reading?) And a visit from the all the Bennett women. Mr Bennett was too ashamed to follow. Mr Bingley is conviced to throw a ball in his manor. That way there’s going to be plenty of time for more socialising.

Afte Jane got better, it was time to go. As Lizzie is about to hop onto the carriage, Mr Darcy helps her in by touching her hand, which shocked Lizzie! How can the monster have a kind heart, right? It is one of my favourite scenes!

Mr Collins, a priest looking for a wife, is visiting the Bennett family. And all he can talk about is his patroness, Lady Catherine (played by Judi Dench).

Lizzie meets handsome Lieutenant Wickham who picks up her handkerchief.

Then, as they take a walk they bump into Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy. Mr Darcy seems quite disturbed by Wickham’s presence. Later, Wickham explains to Lizzie that Mr Darcy cheated him of his inheritance (making Mr Darcy look the bad guy).

Girls are getting ready for the ball Mr Bingley is throwing.

At the ball! I love the dresses they’re wearing and the little pearls on Lizzie’s hair. How simple and yet beautiful, right?

I love how he stares at her! I love HIM!

Mr Darcy asks Lizzie to dance with him. He wants some one on one time AND to prove to her that he can dance.

There is this scene when they’re dancing and things start to get heated. Then everyone else disappears and it’s just the two of them! I absolutely adore it!

The day after the ball, Mr Collins comes again with a proposal for Lizzie. He initially wanted to propose to Jane, but after her mother told him she was to be engaged, he picked the second one in line. How romantic!

Of course Lizzie refused him and made her mother furious! But her father was on her side, so her mother’s hysterical reaction was unimportant.

Jane recieves a letter informing her that Mr Bingley and his sister are leaving for London. Her mother sends Jane to London as well, so that she can meet Mr Bingley.

Later, Lizzie finds out that her best friend, Charlotte, has accepted Mr Colling proposal to marriage.

Although, she was appaulled at the news of their marriage, she visited Charlotte and Mr Collins at their new home months later. She also went to visit Lady Catherine.

But who would know that Mr Darcy is Lady Catherine’s nephew? Well, indeed, and he was present when Lizzie visited her.

Darcy expresses a further interest in Lizzie, after she shows her witty side when responding to Lady Catherine’s tacky insults. But as he comes to tell her how he feels the next day, he is overwhelmed with fear and fails to do so.

Then worse things happen as Lizzie is informed by Colonel Fitzwilliam that it was Mr Darcy who separated her sister and Mr Bingley. She rushes outside only to be followed by love itself.

Darcy reveals his feelings for her and asks her to end his agony. He loves her most ardently!

The proposal doesn’t go that well, since Lizzie doesn’t accept it due to the recent news about him and what Mr Wickham had told her.

Darcy writes her a letter explaining everything there was to explain about Mr Wickham and why he chose to advice Mr Bingley not to marry her sister.

The following days she gets to visit the Darcy manor with Charlotte assuming that its residents were absent. Looking a bit around she found out that one particular resident was very much present.

Then she storms out the room running. Very mature reaction, don’t you agree?

Darcy and Lizzie are acting cute around each other!

However, the joy doesn’t last that long. Lizzie is informed that her younger sister Lydia has escaped with Mr Wickham and is nowhere to be found. Such a betrayal for Lizzie.

Soon she is found to be taken under the care of her uncle. She returns home married and with Mr Wickham. Lizzie finds out that it was Mr Darcy who discovered them and paid for their wedding.

Finally, Mr Bingley arrives with Mr Darcy at the Bennet residence to ask Jane to marry him.

At night neither Mr Darcy nor Lizzie could sleep. So they meet and the inevitable happens…

My affections and wishes have not changed,

but one word from you will silence me forever.

If, however, your feelings have changed,

I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me,

body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you.

I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.

Arrrrgggggghhhhh! I almost died in this scene. What do I mention first? The captivating music? The honest words of Mr Darcy? The wonderful photography? The beauty of it all?

Then of course, they were engaged to be married. And they lived happily, ever, after.



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  1. Making Magique Ιανουαρίου 17, 2011 στις 6:26 μμ #

    I always LOVE your film recaps 🙂 This one in particular…truly it is such a beautiful inspiring film i loved every aspect of it and truly thank you for capturing all these stills!

    xoxo Haleigh

  2. maria Ιανουαρίου 19, 2011 στις 10:13 μμ #



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