Around the World: Prespes

12 Ιαν.

The trip continues to one of the most beautiful lakes in Northern Greece, the Prespes Lake. There are two lakes however, one big and one smaller. I went to the smaller one, because there is a beautiful small island there and you can go to the top of it and see the lake. There is a built bridge between the island and the other side of the lake, so this first photo is me about to cross that bridge!

There was this old boat right at the end of the bridge and the begging of the island. I like the way the boat is placed, like someone meant to put it like this just to take a photo of it or paint it!

On the island a few small houses made of stone and wood entirely.

These are the famous red peppers of the area. Here, they are a typical type of sun-dried peppers. Yummy!

A small village near the lake is called «Psarades», which means fishermen. As a result, here you can taste delicious fish fried or roasted, your choice.

More photos to come! Don’t you just love nature? I do!

P.S. To let you know, I got my self a new tumblr, where I’m posting photos, quotes, music, videos that inspire me! It’s not a blog, just a place to leave thoughts.


Ένα Σχόλιο to “Around the World: Prespes”

  1. Kelly Φεβρουαρίου 19, 2011 στις 11:12 μμ #

    Maraki! Ti kaneis? me 8ymasai?
    vrika to wordpress apto club sou sto pathfinder 🙂
    ap’oti vlepw vgazeis poly omorfes fwtografies!

    elpizw na ta poume kapoia stigmh,


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