Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×05

21 Δεκ.

Another fashion recap was made with a lot of love and care. In this episode, Serena and Blair don’t have a lot of scenes together, which is awful, but at least we get to see Serena in an amazing LBD and kissing her prince on their date. Meanwhile, little Jenny Humphrey tries to prove herself to Blair, when she has to do some daring dares! So, let’s begin!

It’s Blair’s annual sleepover party and a lot of preparations are done just to make sure her guests are satisfied and her reputation as a hostess remais the same (and even better).

Blair wearing a pencil navy blue skirt, a white blouse and a studed jacket with a ponytale to match the sofisticated look. I love her when she takes charge in the arragements of things to happen.

Everything is ready for the sleepover! Wish I could be invited too.

Meanwhile, Serena and Jenny get some time to talk about Serena’s date with Dan. She can’t decide what to wear for the occasion. But right now, she looks cute with her school uniform and her badass leather jacket. Love the tie!

Blair with her minions, wearing a mini skirt and a gorgeous cardigan.

Serena thought she was going out with a real Brooklyn boy dressed casual! But, Dan had other plans in mind. She looks good though, casual or formal.

So, she changes into something less comfortable, but no less than outstanding. A studded mini dress with sheer tights and a pair of heels? Perfect for a shic date! Plus when your mum gives you a Chanel bag to keep your lipstick, cell phone and stuff, who can say no?

Jenny arrives at Blair’s house, ready to play twister and eat chocolate. But this is no ordinary sleepover.

Blair is wearing her best blue baby doll, some black pearls and a fancy pair of tights. Can you spell S-E-X-Y?

Jenny puts on a few outfits before the final one in bright yellow!

Blair changed as well into a blue dress with sheer details. Looks classy again, while drinking a bit of dry Martini (which has gin in, not vodka little J)

Serena’s date first was in a big french restaurant, where Dan pronunciated «lapin» wrongly. Nevertheless, he’s charming when he tries to be the Prince Charmed.

Afted they ditched the lapin, they went for a few drinks and some jukebox music.

Blair and Jenny go out as well and Blair has some serious dares for Jenny. And vice versa. Blair wears a beautiful red jacket. Yay! Can’t have enough of red.

Like Blair challenges Jenny to go inside her mum’s (Eleanor Waldorf) and steal a sequined jacket.

The date goes perfect for Dan and Serena and leads to a kiss. Have to be amazing to kiss in the middle of a lighted street. That’s New York, I guess.




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