Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×15

6 Ιολ.

You know you’ve had enough of Gossip Girl when you dream you are mates with Serena and Blair and live in New York City. Yeah, you’ve guessed correctly. I had a dream last night where I was living with these two amazing gals and having so much fun. Then I woke up feeling happy and a bit like an Upper East Sider. But what can I do? I love the girls and the series and will mourn when all of it is over.

This Fashion Recap wasn’t so much interesting in the fashion department, but a new member was added into the Upper East Side fashionistas, Georgina Sparks. She is an interesting character, not so likable, with beautiful hair! I love brunettes (since I am not one) when they have light red highlighted hair and gorgeous light skin complexion. It is a difficult time for our characters on Gossip Girl. They are giving their SATs apparently. I don’t have much idea about the American Educational System, the only experience comes for teenage films I’ve watched over the years. But like any other exam, it must cause nerves, anxiety and feelings of failure and insecurity.


Everyone is dealing in different way with the anxiety. Dan tries to do as many exercises as possible, Blair has Dorota to help her be perfect and Serena tries to stay focused with a lot of caffeine.

Don’t mind the sexy hair flip. Look at the gorgeous necklace. Adore it!

Blair’s loyal followers are also getting ready for the exams…  in their own fashionable way!

Jenny is wearing a cute coat in this episode! Although, her bag is awful again.

Awww Blair, never stop wearing bright colored coats! Never! She always manages to look so good in them. Serena is keeping her leather jacket style updated! 

Chuck, being the most fashion forward of the boys, wears an orange trench coat. Not so sure about it, but it looks nice on him!

Wow, the green coat is a bit too much! Don’t fancy the color.

Jenny put on a nice scarf to keep her warm. These are so comfortable during cold winter days. Plus I love when I can smell my perfume on them.

Nate and Dan going to Saint Jude’s. Nate has probably soccer practice and looks so hot in his sportive outfit.

Serena apart from wearing awesome, badass leather jackets she also wears awesome gloves! Love these orange ones so much.

Hello, there! Georgina Sparks is approaching. And she looks very chic. In this outfit I like: the scarf, her sunglasses and her leather jacket. Plus the awesome hair, duh!

It seems like Gossip Girl is filled with bright colored coats. We have seen every color possible! Would probably wear a fuscia trench coat in winter too!

Nate visits Vanessa where she’s working and Dan is also there!

Lonely boy rarely dresses nice (in my opinion), but this time I love his button-up shirt.

Vanessa’s lovely blouse looks great matched with the big golden earrings.

Georgina and Serena go out to catch up. Adore those earrings Georgina is wearing.

Something is wrong with this outfit. Maybe there’s too much going on in the front. Too bad for Blair. 

Chuck’s striped sweater is lovely! 

And now Chuck is wearing a red long jacket over a bright yellow shirt. How does he manage to look this hot in this outfit? Any other guy would look ridiculous.

Serena in a gorgeous white medium trenchie.

Blair’s wearing those damn white tights again! Maybe I’ll give them a go this winter. LOVE her oxfords!

I don’t understand why everyone else has changed outfits, though Jenny and her friend are wearing the same… Direction mistake?

A better view of Blair’s white knitted sweater.

Vanessa is out on a date with Nate. Black and yellow look good together!

Serena’s lovely necklace has taken my attention. 

And Georgina’s leather pair of pants. Are these comfortable at all? Haven’t wear a pair until now and I’d like to know.

Blair is relaxing at her house in a gorgeous robe.

We can see Vanessa’s full dress in this scene and her sheer black tights.

Serena and Georgina are out again enjoying themselves.

Serena has a beautiful cardigan on with studs.

Somebody partied hard last night! And will miss their SATs.

This outfit is… boring? That’s the best adjective I can use and the most polite.

Her Dr. Martens in fuscia are looking good though. 

Blair is dressed so chic and elegantly in this scene! Like a real future adult female, ready to conquer the world with her brains and looks.

Dan in a good outfit again, worries about Serena. She hasn’t appeared to pass the SATs.

Purple and pink? Really, Chuch, you are killing me with the colors you are wearing!

In the final scene it looks like Georgina hasn’t said her final words yet. Getting closer to Dan with only be the begging of what’s to come.



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