Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×11

10 Μάι.

Wow, it’s been a week since I last posted! Well, excuse the lack of posts this week guys, cause first it was my birthday on Friday (turned 22!) and second my brother had a surgery and he wanted my daily care. Here is another Fashion Recap, and this one couldn’t be anymore out of season! The episode is set during Christmas and we’re in the last month of Spring! Nevermind, it’s a great episode (although Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald are not in it).

Constance Billiard’s youngest students are singing Santa Baby! Love their red berets!

Serena is wearing a red suede trench coat and it looks amazing on her.

It’s a party of red in this episode. Vanessa’s red scarf really makes her rock style more feminine.

Don’t you just love it when boys wear scarves? And this one Dan is wearing looks so warm and fuzzy.

Serena’s hair never stops being gorgeous. 

Look who’s all happy caring some giant lollypops! It’s Blair Waldorf. She’s wearing her usual school uniform and a red-blue headband. Love the red bag!

The more I look at this red trench coat, the more I want to buy one just like it! Argh!!! Serena Van der Woodsen, you’re no good for my wallet!

Adore this smile! Looks so innocent, yet evil!

Would Miss Blair like a macaron from her dad’s french lover? Dad is on the left, by the way.

Fancy this checked button-up shirt of Dan’s. 

Even Mrs Waldorf is wearing red twice in this episode. Here she’s wearing a red cape. Blair’s outfit is one of my least favorites in this season, though.

Ahhh ice-scating! Have to try it someday! Haven’t done it yet due to major fear of slipping and ending flat on my bum!

A little present for Christmas Serena got for Dan. It’s an expensive watch, but he wants something more meaningful. 

Serena is wearing a knitted dress with red stripes with olive tights.

This image of humiliation is exactly what I’m afraid of…

Daddy’s girl doesn’t like his gay friend.

Jenny didn’t appear much in this episode. But I like her plaid shirt. And her laptop!

Now we get to see a better view of Seren’s dress. So, do you like it?

This Christmas Eve party is organised by the Waldorfs. Only the best parties ever!

Mums of the Upper East Side dress just as glamorous as their daughters. Lily Van der Woodsen in gold and Eleanor Waldorf in a red jacket!

Blair is wearing one of those cute dresses she wears in season 1. Love the baloon effect of the dress and the red headband.

Serena’s dress is more sparkly. This sequined dress would be better for clubbing, not so much for this occasion.

The Humphrey siblings are carrying a huge Christmas tree. Jenny’s coat in tweed is adorable.

This is more like a present… Although feel chilly just by looking at it!

Snow has fallen in New York City and covered everything.

This Christmas Tree belongs to the Van der Woodsens. Hey, look who else has joined the fun! Its Bartholomew Bass! Only Chuck is missing…

This is a cute nightie! And look at those bright green slippers with the black bow!

Everyone, say cheeeese! Merry Christmas!




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