Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×08

31 Μαρ.

How is everyone doing today? Did I say something about the sun in my previous post? Well, it’s gone! It rained today… But since it’s the last day of March, I really hope it will be last drop of rain too. I had some free time in my hands to make another Fashion Recap from my favorite series, Gossip Girl. However, this episode doesn’t offer us a lot of outfits from Serena and Blair (what’s wrong with GG?), but it is Blair’s birthday! And she is the big star of this episode!

Blair is stepping out of the church. She has been a bad girl in the previous episode and she is in need of  «redemption».

Blair in an all black outfit, except for the baby blue shirt she is wearing. I am in love with her high-waisted pencil skirt. It looks so feminine on her.

Who have guessed that Vanessa would bump into Serena and Dan making out? Her sleeveless shirt filled with hearts is so cute for words.

Serena is wearing a pair of light gray skinny jeans paired with a leather jacket.

Mrs. Waldorf pair of glasses are so shic!

The Archibalds are having a few problems with the press and dad’s drug issue. Nate is having a hard time, poor baby!

Dan is wearing a pair of jeans and a jacket in bordeaux. Very nice! Oh, and there’s a family breakfast going on. Mmmm, is that waffles I smell?

Blair is looking through her closet for what else, clothes!

Now we can see a clear view of the pencil skirt.

Chuck in a baby pink button-up. Looking handsome AND guilty!

I already told you it is Blair’s Birthday! And as a theme for her party she has chosen Japanese! So, a lot of sushi and anime (which I love by the way)!

The birthday girl has arrived with her bestie! Blair dressed in black and Serena in cream.

Chuck’s pink shirt (again!) stands out! Love how cute Blair and Chuck are together in this episode. And once again they are matchy-matchy with black outfits!

Jenny meets Nate as she is about to go to her party! She is wearing a bordeaux trench coat and a light coral dress.

How does Serena’s hair always look this wonderful? Like, how?

Vanessa came along with Dan to Blair’s party. Her halter top has a 70’s hippie vibe. And it looks amazing with her dark curls.

Serena’s shirt dress is golden studded at the bottom. Gives it a bit of a rock air, but it’s still feminine.

Blair is wearing a black Valentino dress, which we can see more of in these pictures. Plus, the jewelry from Chuck are so beautiful.





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