Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×12

29 Μάι.

Today’s post comes with a lot of effort from my part as I am pressing the buttons on my keyboard with one hand. I had a semi-major accident last Thursday riding my bike. I don’t remember how I ended up flat on the ground, with my palm, elbow, knees and back injured. Maybe I was daydreaming about holidays or my colorful heels (I’ll post pictures or outfit ideas) I was going to buy and then dad got them for me instead -he is such a cutie pie when he wants to. I got an adrenaline rush and didn’t realise the pain at first. It was on my way back home that the real pain started to kick in.

Enough about my drama. These Fashion Recaps are starting to have a lot of fans. I am not surprised, since Gossip Girl is the ultimate tv series to focus so much on good and quality fashion. In this episode I am loving Serena’s swimsuit and final scene dress. Blair quite disapointed me with her choice of swimsuit, but she looked cute as always. Let the fun begin…!

Upper East Side high-school students always like to party. This time they found the perfect place for that: Constance Billiard’s private swimming pool. And of course no one missed this party!

Nate Archibald is back in this episode. He is extremely sweet towards Blair as well. Here he snuggles up to Blair, who is wearing a bandeau red bikini with white polka dots. Not a fan of these bikinis generally and this one doesn’t look so nicely fitted on Blair.

Mr. Chuck Bass is also back, wearing a striped t-shirt and his boy shorts. This guy has always the greatest style, even when he’s being snob and very annoying!

Serena comes a bit later to the party wearing a very sexy and feminine black swimsuit with a chic belt around the waist. Absolutely love it!Dan, normally, isn’t at the party. He is home studying, while Vanessa is filming him for some kind of documentary she is making. As she points out, he is not such an exciting subject. By the way, I have a Canon camera just like this one! Perfect for keeping memories during travels!Alcohol floating on the pool! Great idea to practice during summer, right?

A few more captures of Serena’s amazing swimsuit!

Nate is looking hooooot!!! 

The fun didn’t last for long! A fellow classmate drowned after accidentaly bumped his head. Oh-oh! Someone is in trouble!

Guess who is hiding the evidence…Everyone will be interrogated for the accident! Who broke in? Who had the key to the pool? Who will you trust?While all that is happening, I can’t not notice Blair’s striped cardigan in red-navy blue. 

They all agree not to say anything about who let everyone in. Well, they don’t exactly agree, Chuck and Blair pretty much force them. But I love Chuck’s coat no matter how cowardly he acts!

Dan doesn’t agree to Chuck’s plan and Serena tries to change his mind (and is wearing an awesome tan leather jacket).

Blair is the first to be asked questions about what happened. Now that I see the cardigan better, I like the round cut it has, instead of the V-cut.

Chuck’s scarves are like Harry Potter’s Gryffindor ones: I want them!

Blair invites everyone at her house to further discuss what everyone will say. And if someone decides to say the truth…she will personally have their head on a plate! Dan and Vanessa are both wearing varsity jackets.

Serena, casual as well, is wearing a pair of jeans, brown boots and a very pretty gray vest over a cream blouse.

Blair continues to dress in preppy style, wearing a knitted red vest over a blue button-up shirt and a black mini skirt. Oh, and a white headband.

A lot of stripes in this episode. Nate in a dark blue/white striped jumper.Can I say something? I don’t like Chuck’s hair in this scene. Looks poorly styled and…combed.Lilly Van der Woodsen, always elegant, in a silken shirt.Vanessa doesn’t have any cool outfits in this episode. But she has a cool camera, which needs some attention. This camera has documented the accident AND Blair’s confession of sleeping with Chuck. Yet another chic appearance for Mrs Van der Woodsen.In this photo all the girls are dressed well. But I love Blair’s jacket so much more!Serena has chosen a tan coat with golden buttons. The buttons are what make this coat so beautiful. And a fuller view of Blair’s awesome jacket.Dealing with frustration? Do it like Serena!Wow, white tights? A risky choice, but Blair seems to pull them off. Yet, I am not so sure about the whole outfit. Looks a bit strange to me!Now you can see the golden buttons. Arent’s they adorable?
In the last scene of the episode the Basses and the Van der Woodsens got all dressed up to celebrate the engagement between Barth and Lilly.Serena’s dress is beyond amazing. Loving the studded collar sooooo much!


2 Σχόλια to “Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×12”

  1. Miss Olga Μαΐου 29, 2011 στις 2:58 μμ #

    Serena’s and Blair’s looks are fab! But comparing to the latest series they look soo childish and school-ish 😀

    • mpgirrrl Μαΐου 29, 2011 στις 3:47 μμ #

      Yeah, I agree! But it’s so cool to see them mature in character and fashion as well!


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