Fashion Review/Film Recap: Head in the Clouds

22 Μάι.

Making plans…! Making travel plans…! That’s what I’ve been doing today people, looking around for train tickets, timetables, hotel availability and other awesome stuff I will be doing this summer.  I’m a travel geek! I’m the person you see holding a gigantic map and checking every street in case they missed one. Have been a travel geek since the age of 12 on my first trip abroad. And I absolutely love it! Will have to make a whole list of things to see, to taste, to take pictures of and other interesting activities.

Also, I was inspired by a film I’ve watched ages ago, but recently rewatched. It’s a film set in the years before, between and after World War II, so it’s a war film, but also a film with a love story that didn’t have that Happy End! Starring Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend (also Penelope Cruz with a small part), Head in Clouds is a must for War Movies lovers. Another amazing thing, is that it’s set in Cambridge and Paris and we get to see the amazing town of Cambridge and its University. I’ve been there the first time I traveled to London, too bad I don’t have any decent photos to show you (hey, I was only 14 or 15). 

So, we begin our little trip to the past. These lovely years before the War when everything seemed to be going for the better, there was industrial development and blah, blah, but foremost there was Fashion my friends! Lovely fashion, the kind that makes you wish you lived at that time just to feel the rich and delicate fabrics.

These three girls, one of them a younger version of Charlize Theron’s character, are visiting some sort of psychic. She reads hands and tells you the future, that kind of psychic. What I am more interested in are the lovely capes these girls are wearing over their school uniforms.

And now we are set a few years forward. We are at Cambridge University and this student, Guy Malyon, is about to meet Gilda Bessé (she’s of French origin, oui).

This is Gilda! She’s a bit wet, cause «guess what?» it was raining… in England. So, she entered a student’s room to stay the night. She is dating one of the Deans of the University.

A nice set of photos showing Cambridge University. It is as dreamy and as green as it looks. Though a lot of pests and mosquitos can be found, as well as some bees. Nevertheless, it is known as an elite University/College and anyone who is able to study there is very lucky indeed.

What I noticed in this film was the fact that instead of having a crush over the female main character’s outfits, I fell head over heels for the male character’s wardrobe. It’s the vintage air that surrounds it and the knitted patterns that had me at once!

Guy works out quite a lot! But one scene is enough to show! The man who greets him is the Dean that Gild is dating. Quite handsome he is!

Guy is invited to the Dean’s humble house for he helped his girlfriend in time of need. He gets to enjoy some fine brandy and mingle into the high society. Not bad, not bad at all!

Love those hairstyles and the pearl necklaces! Also, the gloves add more class and elegance! 

Gilda has arrived as well, wearing a bordeaux ensemble! You will notice that when Gilda is in England she wears these cute tiny hats, but when she moves in to France she wears berets. Such a cute difference!

The haircut looks great on Charlize, although it could be a wig. The satin dress is paired so beautifully with the white pearls, don’t you think?

Things get more intimate between Guy and Gilda.

I laughed a bit at the fact that the butler seems untouched by the presence of the naked couple. He serves them their breakfast as if nothing happened.

Walking around in Cambridge. People are using bikes to go everywhere, which also happens in Uppsala (another University town in Sweden).

These uniforms remind me of the Cambridge Spies and a bit of Harry Potter.

An all white outfit and again a cute tiny hat with a brown bow on the side.

Guy is wearing a green knitted vest and a plaid bow.

He is all grown up now! Finished University and ready to find a suitable job!

One day as he is watching a film in the cinema he notices a rather familiar face. Oh wait, it’s Gilda!

The milkman brings fresh milk in a glass bottle. Would love if someone brought me one every day. To our subject now, Gilda sends Guy a letter telling him where exactly in Paris she lives.

He travels to Paris to meet her of course. The scenery instantly changes, adding a bit more color to the buildings and the clothes.

A french bulldog! How adorably ugly this breed is, right? No, guys, I’m not saying the poor dog is ugly! I am a big dog lover! 

Gilda has changed her haircut to go along with the Parisian style and wears a very pretty dress. Of course she is so happy to see Guy. Also, she has taken up photography!

This navy blue dress with white details is rather sexy! Just wait to see its back.

These are a few photos Gilda has taken! Someone was interested in them and arranged a gallery show.

Oh la la! What a fierce hat is that!

See what I told you? Seeeeeexy!

Meet Mia, a dancer-hooker who was taken under the care of Gilda.

Like the blouse with the skirt, but I find the hat to be a bit too much! 

Aww, this scene is so sensual in a good way (not freaky, nasty way). I want one of these two hats and the tie please!

A stroll next to the Seine! Plus an androgynous outfit for Gilda. She’s rocking it of course cause she is like 1,80cm tall (6 feet)!

Here is the beret! That’s the french (and right) way to wear them people! Take notes, please!

A view of the Sacre Coeur and Montmartre!

Another fashion statement for Gilda are her silken night robes!

She finally established herself as a proffesional photographer! 

The girls are going out for some dancing. Can’t decide which dress I like more. Gilda’s dress has a nice design, but Mia’s dress is red

The three friends are getting giggly in the bed. It’s nothing kinky, people, like a «menage a trois».

This silken gray top and shorts are my favorite from Gilda’s nightwear.

Gilda and Guy are visiting Gilda’s father, who is very wealthy as it seems.

Gilda is wearing a long camel coat, which looks awesome on her! I noticed that although they live in France, they drive a British car. What the hell?

This silken robe must come from Asia, preferably China. Just take a look at the pattern.

Mia shows how much of a Spanish woman she is by wearing red all the time. 

I LOVE THIS PIC! Especially the hairstyle!

Guy is concerned about the civil war in Spain. He wants to go fight! He decides to go with Mia. 

My favorite adrogynous look of Gilda. Love the red blouse, love the navy blue pants.

A last moment of bliss before Guy goes to Spain.

In Spain he comes closer to Mia as they share the same need to save the world. Mia becomes a nurse and Guy a faithful soldier. But Mia gets killed one day in a van that was supposed to take them to the next village.

When Guy returns from Spain, World War II has begun spreading through Europe. He sees Gilda again, but she acts as though she doesn’t know him at all.

Taking photos in a very well fitted suit!

Guy meets up with a girl in Paris. I don’t quite remember if she’s the same girl he used to know in London or somebody else. I will go with somebody else. Adore her outfit!

Gilda is now going out with a German lieutenant! Her hats have excelled in fashion and…size!

How adorable!!! And cruel… may I add! Why wear collars in rabbits?

I added this pic just for the beauty of it! Very Parisian…the beret, the trench coat, the book! Everything!

Guy plans on visiting Gilda. 

Her hair is longer now and I do believe this is Charlize’s true hair.

A baby blue silken nightie! And some body cream for the rough parts.

A long dress with a deep V cut and a pair of long earrings.

I think this is the time when war ended or was very close to the end. The allies must have taken over Germany by now.

Gilda is facing some serious criticism from her neighbors for sleeping with the enemy!

Unfortunately, she has to witness the shooting of her lover! Such an emotional scene! I cried a bit, mostly because Gilda was forced to watch and then kiss a dead man.

She was taken as prisoner and then killed. Such an awful ending for Gilda, so tragic!

The War has ended and France (and the rest of Europe) is free from German army!

Guy goes to Gilda’s apartment to find everything scattered to the floor. A few pictures are left as a memory of the old Gilda and the moments they lived together!



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    I dig this post quite a lot!
    The film is a very exquisite example of how unfair could be the life for a free spirit like Gilda’s. I’m also pleased that you have noticed the impact of fashion as well as the story of the characters.

    Best greetings from me.
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