Paris, Je T’Aime

14 Φεβ.

Hello, dear readers! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. My exams are finnaly over so I will have more time to update now. I have missed my blog so much and I decided to make one big Film Recap plus a bonus review for this film, Paris Je T’ Aime, because I really like it and I felt in the mood to write something about Paris. I will probably be changing the design of this blog in the near future and adding fun stuff like Blogs I love etc.


The first story is about a man trying to find a place to park his car in the narrow streets of Monmarte.

But this is not his only problem. He is single and desperate to have someone to share his thoughts and dreams, love and care about. As he watches couples passing by and thinks there are no single women to be found, he spots a woman looking sad.

Then fate happens and she faints next to his car and there he goes to save her. After she comes to her senses they get to have a chat in his car and the story ends.

My opinion? This was a sweet and simple story in the beautiful streets of Monmarte. And it is a known fact that everyone falls in love in Paris without even searching for love.

Quais de Seine

Next story is about a young boy taking an interest in a muslim girl.

Three friends hanging out next to the river. Two of them on the left are hitting on girls passing by, while the one on the right is rather shy and doesn’t comment. A girl sitting closer to them listens to their nasty conversation.

When she decides to leave she accidentally stumbles on a small rock and ends up on the ground. Then, the cute & shy boy goes to help her and a true attraction between them blossoms.

When she finally has to go, he realizes he has to see her again and maybe get to know her better. So, he finds the most sacred place she goes to when she wants to find peace and pray.

At first he is intimidated by the presence of her grandfather, but then he goes to talk to them and the three of them take a walk leading to the end of this story.

My opinion? I found it very bold to present a complicated issue happening in many countries nowadays, and I’m talking about the contrast between so many religions and cultures. Sometimes they are an obstacle in happiness, but other times if we just forget about what religion or nation the other person is and focus on who they are, then great things can happen. I liked this little story, it was cute and realistic.

Le Marais

This is a historic district of Paris and a very fashionable, artistic and chic place to be. Here this story between two young men who work at an art gallery is a bit bizarre for me to understand. However, Gaspard Ulliel is one of them so I was happy to watch it. Haven’t seen him since Hannibal Rising (yes, this adorable face portrayed a serial killer).

The one on the left is Gaspard. His character obviously fancies the blonde guy and he starts chatting with him. I would say the conversation is one-sided because the blonde guy just stands there and the only thing he says is a oui and feu (light for his cigarette). At the end when Gaspard’s character leaves the art gallery and gives him his phone number, the blonde dude starts speaking English with his boss and says he didn’t get what he was saying (Gaspard’s character).

My opinion? I have two possible interpretations for this. Either he sincerely didn’t get a word or he understood everything but isn’t a homosexual himself. Anyways, this story was open to a variety of interpretations. You choose whichever you like the most.


A story happening inside the french metro in the Tuileries station located under the Rue de Rivoli. An american tourist is reading his guide book when suddenly he crosses his look with some strangers and trouble happens.

The guy starts swearing in French, the tourist has absolutely no idea what is going on and the girl gets pissed off with her boyfriend and then kisses the tourist out of the blue.

My opinion? I am not a fan of stereotypes and this story was full of them. I mean come on, «avoid eye contact with people in the metro»? Yes, the parisian metro is dangerous, but like any other metro is (London for example). I give this story a positive review however, because the direction is fast and not boring.

Loin du Seizieme

A young single mother has to make a really long commute to her work everyday (babysitting at a rich house), while leaving her baby at a daycare.

My opinion? The spanish woman and single mother sings the same lullaby to her child and the one she babysits. And that melted my heart.

Porte de Choisy

A salesman visits a beauty salon owned by a fierce Chinese woman.

My opinion? This is a comic story that unfortunately did nothing for me. I didn’t laugh, I was just shocked at the whole thing being «whatever».


In this historic place that marked the French Revolution, this story is told by narration. The narrator tells us a story of a man who is cheating on his wife.

But when he finds out his wife has a terminal illness, he decides to end his affair and dedicate to his wife. That way he rediscovers why he fell in love with his wife.

My opinion? The narration is simply amazing. The characters do not speak and we understand the story only by what we see. The story itself was a good one, the unfaithful husband who forgets all about his affair and devotes himself to his sick wife. At the last scene the husband sees a woman wearing a red trench coat and remembers his wife. I really enjoyed this story and I have to say the background music with violins is wonderful and gives a more dramatic effect.

Place des victoires

Maman,maman, les cowboys ca existe encore aujourd’hui? C’est vrai, j’en ai vu dans un livre.

Mum,mum, the cowboys exist nowadays? It’s true, I saw them in a book.

A mother who has lost her son is unable to let go and dreams that she sees him with a cowboy. Juliette Binoche is the grieving mother.

The cowboy appears in the middle of the street. Williem Dafoe is the cowboy that brings back her son.

My opinion? Although I am not yet a mum, I was touched by this story. Juliette Binoche is wonderful as always and honestly I can’t find anything to be wrong with this one. Just perfect!

Tour Eiffel

The funniest story in this film is about two mimes that fall in love in prison. Mimes are all over Paris (and Florence, duh!) and some of them are truly amazing, others boring.

Parc Monceau

You will be quite misguided in the begining of this story. A man and a younger woman are meeting together, but there is someone named Gaspard who is somewhat getting in the way of things.

It is later revealed to us that man and woman are father and daughter and Gaspard is the daughter’s baby.

My opinion? I found the directing and the dialogues misleading myself, which is quite impressive when it happens. I love it when you create a whole theory in your mind only to be crushed the next minute.

Quartier des Enfants Rouges

A young American actress who buys hasish from a drug dealer gets a crush on him.

Although he is the one to seem interested at first, he disappears after their little date.

My opinion? BORING! I didn’t find it the least appealing. And Maggie Gylenhall was plain (for a great actress). Mweh, not my favorite story from the film.

Place des Fetes

A nigerian man is wounded and a beautiful paramedic comes to help him. He asks her to go out for a cup of coffee.

As the story goes further we find out that the man had met the woman before and had fallen in love with her.

She tells someone to bring them a cup of coffee, but by the time the coffee arrives the man is dead.

My opinion? Such a heart-breaking story. That’s all there is to say.


This «quartier» is famous for its Sex Shops and cancan dancers, among other things. Here, an old couple act out a fantasy in a brothel in order to keep the spark in their relationship.

My opinion? I laughed a bit at this silly old couple who were kind of cute. Fanny Ardant and Bob Hoskins made this story a bit better to watch.

Quartier de la Madeleine

A young tourist (Elijah Wood) finds a vampiress and falls in love with her.

By accident the man falls over and dies and then the vampiress gives him a taste of her blood and he becomes a vampire as well. I love the red heart that is formed when his head bleeds.

My opinion? I loved the dark and mysterious atmosphere and the red blood as a contrast. Yes, I am a lover of red and this was like a natural environment for me! Plus, who doesn’t like vampires nowadays?


A young couple about to get married visit a cemetery where the grave of Oscar Wilde is and the woman breaks up with the man due to his insensitivity.

But then when the man hits his head when he suddenly falls over he gets to have a vision of Oscar Wilde who helps him reunite with his fiance.

My opinion? A beautiful story about how when you love someone you tend to leave your insecurities behind and be the better person they want you to be.

Faubourg Saint-Denis

A blind man thinks his girfriend (Natalie Portman) has broken up with him and plays out their whole relationship in his mind.

My opinion? A heart-warming story directed in fast pace that will make you melt. Natalie Portman is very cute (as always) and the way the man tells their story is amazing. Has to be my favorite from the film.

Quartier Latin

Quartier Latin is known to have a variety of bistros and restaurants and be a centre of college life since the Universite de Paris (Sorbonne) and the Ecole Polytechnique are located in the area. I personally love this area because there I can find greek restaurants and eat souvlaki when I go to Paris (when I get fed up with camembert and vin rouge).

A separated couple about to finalise their divorce meet up for one last drink together.

My opinion? This one was directed by Gerard Depardieu, who makes an appearance as the waitor in the bistro. Well, what can I say about Gena Rowlands? Everything she does is magnificent.

A middle aged woman from America is describing what she likes most about Paris in rough French.

My opinion? Although at first I had trouble understanding what language she was speaking, then I found her story realistic and felt kind of sad since this woman seems to be alone in a foreign country.




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