Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×14

23 Ιον.

Hello there! Missed me? I’m finally back and ready to start posting regularly again. Exams are over, every student’s nightmare, and the fun must begin. I got my first taste of the sea today and a bit of a tan. Don’t you love summer? Sun, lotion, tan, sweat and iced tea! That’s what I love about summer. I am a lover of all seasons and try to enjoy each for what it has to offer. So, this summer I am getting a gorgeous tan to take with me in a Northern country (not telling you yet).

Moving on, there is another Fashion Recap  for you this week. I promise I will try to finish up with season one before I leave for summer vacations. This episode is full of lovely outfits, although not one outstanding. Does this picture remind you of anything? Like a film… or a special scene from a special film?

All you Audrey Hepburn fans must have got it right, because it’s a recapture of the famous scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Blair is dreaming she is Audrey again, but her dream turns into a nightmare. Love this classic trench coat and believe it or not I do-not-own-one!

Is that George Peppard coming? No, it’s Nate Archibald, handsome as always.

Dorota wakes Blair up from her nightmare! I always mention how amazing and absolutely sexy nightwear in Gossip Girl is and will never stop. Silken sheets? I am in heaven!

Serena is having a real life nightmare in her apartment as well. Chuck is occupying the bathroom… Her hair looks awesome even when it’s unshowered. What the hell?

Now that Blair is not Queen B anymore, little J tries to take her place.  From all the girls, I like Penelope’s outfit more. She’s the one with the bright red trench coat and the lovely knee-high socks.

Serena is rocking one of her bad-ass leather jackets. This one is her best in tan color. 

Mrs. Van der Woodsen looks so stylish even when she takes her breakfast. It must be really hard to look this good while chewing Cheerios, right?

Stop looking at Serena now! Take a look at the back, there are some lovely baked goods. Yum, yum!

New York is always a pleasant sight! Especially in Gossip Girl.

Blair and Serena walk to their school, but Blair is not so sure she wants to go and be seen. That’s why she’s wearing this beautiful scarf and amazing pair of sunglasses. I am in love!

Serena convinces Blair to take off her scarf and sunglasses. But Blair faces a humiliation bigger than she could ever imagine!

On the whole this is a good outfit, minus the ugly shoes and socks. And I can’t get over the white tights. No matter who wears them, I find it to be a fashion «faux pas».

Sipping on coffee on the steps of the Met. If I were to drink coffee on the steps of Syntagma (Athens) it wouldn’t be this cool.

The golden gloves are back! Love them! So adorable.

Serena wears awesome boots as well as leather jackets. Her boots collection is to die for.

Dan and Serena are making out while Chuck interrupts them. Serena’s dress is so pretty and I like the back of it so much!

Mrs Van der Woodsen is also wearing an elegant dress. Like mother, like daughter.

Awwwwwww, Chuck! I love your bright purple suit! You’re like a colorful macaron!

Being stood up is never okay. When it’s by your friends is so much worse.

Wow, this is a lot of shoes. A LOT!

Jenny is trying to get into the high society the wrong way. Stealing your friend’s mother’s Valentino dress is never okay! But, love your coat Jenny, so you are (almost) forgiven!

This is an interesting headband Blair is wearing.

It’s a black leather jacket this time. She’s rocking this one too.

This is a cute bow! And Penelope has a cuter headband.

Jenny is trying to get the Valentino dress she exchanged back. Amazing dress, don’t you think? And it costs like a huge amount of money!

Serena continues the awesome outwear phenomenon by wearing this chic light beige coat! It looks so good on her!

Jenny gets caught! Oh-oh!

Blair has the chance to win back her army. 

Take a better look at the coat and how impossibly great it looks on Serena.

Looks like another member will be added in the Upper East Side group. You know who it is…!



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