Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×07

19 Μαρ.

Hello, dear readers. It’s a sunny Saturday today and I have a lot of things to do, like have a hot cup of coffee and enjoy a buttery/milky/delicious brioche with a brown layer of chocolate spread. Are you drooling yet? I don’t know why but during weekend I get this desire to be all girly! Maybe it’s because I have more free time in my hands. Like today, I went shopping for girly lingerie, bought US InStyle and tasted Starbucks’ new cake pops (the pink one).

Anyways, there is a new Gossip Girl Fashion Recap. Although this episode does not include a lot of different outfits to mention it is one of my favorites of Blair! If you’re a Gossip Girl fan, you know that Blair has a tendancy to wear headbands and large bows all the time. Well, in this episode she wears a gigantic red bow and I don’t know how, but she pulls it off!!!

In the beginning of the episode, we get a small preview of an Upper East Side girl striping off her clothes. Mmmm, who that might be? Any ideas? The girl is stylish nevertheless.

We begin with the gigantic red bow! I told you it was this big! And Chuck, charming as always in his purple striped shirt and grey tie.

I also like the suit she is wearing for school. God, if only I wore this kind of uniform in High School…

Little J is looking for something that’s missing. It’s a bracelet she got for the ball in the previous episode, but it’s under Blair’s name. Oh-oh!

Jenny is also wearing a stylish suit for school. Everyone is so dressed up and just for school!!!

Dan Humphrey and Miss Van der Woodsen are making out in school! Naughty, naughty!

You can’t really see it, but if you look at Serena’s pointer finger she is wearing a golden ring that perhaps is some kind of snake? Anyways, it’s adorable!

Serena’s uniform is also gorgeous. The grey socks go really well with the plaid skirt.

Jenny’s red over the knee socks are the best thing about this outfit!

Yes, the red bow attacks again! Look how much color it gives to everything!

Oops! Looks like the bracelet was found!

Blair’s hair do is also very pretty. Anyone who has any idea how to accomplish this look, please contact me immediately!

Lilly Van der Woodsen is wearing an all black outfit. The red bag gives a bit of color.

Serena and Blair cathing up on things. Serena is munching on something! Yum!

And one last view of the bow!

Did you miss this boy? He is right here! Walking on the streets of New York and looking sexy.

Blair is preparing for an important dinner with the Archibalds. Here she is wearing a bright green sweater and a pair of red skinny jeans. You can’t really see the jeans, only as a reflection in the mirror.

Vanessa is wearing a knitted cardigan. It reminds me of the Missoni knits a bit. It might as well be a Missoni knit.

Again Mrs Van der Woodsen, this time wearing a nude trench coat and a pair of grey jeans.

Serena and Dan are being blah in this episode. Not very interesting stuff to look at.

Blair in a mini polka dotted skirt and a baige cardigan.

This dress is so beautiful and vintage I could cry. And the pearls go great with it.

Can you guess who is stripping off by just looking at the shoes?

Well, it is Miss Blair (as Dorotha would say)!

Totally «good girl gone bad» situation! Until next time, have fun this weekend!




Ένα Σχόλιο to “Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×07”

  1. Angela Donava Μαρτίου 21, 2011 στις 3:11 μμ #

    Supers photos!!!!!!!!Wow!!! J’aime Gossip Girl aussi;)

    Angela Donava


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