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Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 2×01

23 Οκτ.

Hey guys! I have some great news for you! After a big absence from the blog I am coming back with a new season of Fashion Recaps from Gossip Girl and a lot more to come. New season and new faces will come to the amazing life of the Upper East Siders. For me, this season is a great one for Blair’s hair and generally for the characters as they mature in fashion and age (more in fashion though). I am so thrilled to do this again and you can tell by the ammount of screencaps I’ve made for you… Συνέχεια

Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×18

10 Αυγ.

The last Fashion Recap from season one is here! After that, it’s a full and amazing season two. In this episode, Blair wears the most perfect outfit for summer, especially in a Mediterreanean country like mine (I’m taking notes)! Though season one was the smallest of all (only 18 episodes), it made us fall in love with Gossip Girl and prepared us for what was to come in future.


Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×17

2 Αυγ.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned here that we have a new kitchen installed in our house. And I couldn’t be more excited about it! I spent about an hour today looking for delicious and easy-to-make recipes to try. I’ve bookmarked recipes mostly about cookies, muffins and brownies, some about melted cheese and a few including eggs. Tomorrow though I am trying my old-fashioned oatmeal, just to see how it goes.

While it is still summer, a few reruns of Gossip Girl won’t do anybody any harm. There are still two more episodes from season one. I am a bit disappointed that there are not so many great outfits from both.  But Blair manages to make up for the lack of outfits by wearing a very gorgeous dress at the end of both episodes. Συνέχεια

Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×16

14 Ιολ.

Hello dear readers! This will may be my last post until I go off  on holidays this Sunday. I am so excited because I am going via interail to Milan, Paris and Strasbourg! Travel is my life, I cannot bear to ever stop going to places, seeing new things and tasting different cuisines. Using trains in Europe is so much fun and I’ve had my fair share of experiences. Once in Switzerland I lost a train due to bad timing… I was almost a minute late and it had already gone! I have stepped into amazing trains (from Barcelona to Madrid) and to terrible trains. But however good or bad the train was, the experience is something everyone has to try. Especially until they turn 26, when the free entrances on museums, the lower prices and all the other good stuff stop!

Two episodes to go for season one. I can’t wait to explore season two again, for in season two the fashion style of the characters improves and Blair’s hair is at its best! Moving on to this episode, we have the usual leather jackets by Serena and the navy style by Blair! Love both! Συνέχεια

Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×15

6 Ιολ.

You know you’ve had enough of Gossip Girl when you dream you are mates with Serena and Blair and live in New York City. Yeah, you’ve guessed correctly. I had a dream last night where I was living with these two amazing gals and having so much fun. Then I woke up feeling happy and a bit like an Upper East Sider. But what can I do? I love the girls and the series and will mourn when all of it is over.

This Fashion Recap wasn’t so much interesting in the fashion department, but a new member was added into the Upper East Side fashionistas, Georgina Sparks. She is an interesting character, not so likable, with beautiful hair! I love brunettes (since I am not one) when they have light red highlighted hair and gorgeous light skin complexion. Συνέχεια

Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×14

23 Ιον.

Hello there! Missed me? I’m finally back and ready to start posting regularly again. Exams are over, every student’s nightmare, and the fun must begin. I got my first taste of the sea today and a bit of a tan. Don’t you love summer? Sun, lotion, tan, sweat and iced tea! That’s what I love about summer. I am a lover of all seasons and try to enjoy each for what it has to offer. So, this summer I am getting a gorgeous tan to take with me in a Northern country (not telling you yet).

Moving on, there is another Fashion Recap  for you this week. I promise I will try to finish up with season one before I leave for summer vacations. This episode is full of lovely outfits, although not one outstanding.  Συνέχεια

Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×13

9 Ιον.

It looks like summer has finally come here in Greece and I am already sweating and having that awful feeling of burning inside. What’s more? Final exams are here and I have to participate! And it just sucks! Right this moment I want to wear my bikini and head out to the sea, which is right next to me by the way…!

But, no! I am here, writing this post, surviving the heat and making mental notes about fashion from our lovely Gossip Girl characters. This episode was amazing when it came to fashion (and script as well if you remember what happened). Loved, loved, loved Blair’s coats and I would totally die my hair darker just to wear that orange jacket.


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