Bride Wars: Fashion Review

16 Οκτ.

Another Fashion Review was made with love. The film «Bride Wars» is about weddings of course, but the main interest is the fight between Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Liv (Kate Hudson). However, there is a lot about fashion as well, with the wedding dresses being the most glamourous outfits!

A black,strapless dress for a wedding reception on both of them.

Even when you’re jogging in Central Part you must look your best.

Kate’s hair-cut looks good on her. So does the golden necklace.

When weather gets cold you wear your favourite coat, your gloves and drink hot coffee.

The Dolce&Gabbana see-through blouse that Liv bought as a gift to Emma.

Chinese for tonight and a proposal!

I love these pyjamas and I want them for meeee!

Another day in Central Park. And an fierce jump from Liv.

The girls are booking Plaza hotel for their wedding ceremony and the reception, without knowing what will come afterwards. Emma’s green trench coat lightens a bit the dull autumn.

Happy moments during the preparations for the wedding.

Deciding on the flowers that will decorate the ceremony.

Deciding on the wedding cake.

And the most important decision…the wedding dress.

The Vera Wang wedding dress is from a  fairytale.

Green again for Emma. But this time I like Liv’s trench coat more.

Liv’s bridal shower. Liv is wearing an impressive belt high at her waist and Emma a green dress with a flaterring cut at the chest.

Live is wearing a pencil skirt paired with a leather jacket.

Liv seems to prefer black a lot!

Emma is wearing a cute cardigan, combining red and gold!

Sweets before the wedding. Not such a good idea…

Liv is plotting, looking «oh so sexy»!

Couples moments before the big step.

Liv’s bachelorette party, where Emma turned the spotlight on her. Don’t you just love Liv’s wig?

Shake it girl!

A little sweat in order to fit into the Vera Wang wedding dress after all the sweets she ate!

My favourite Emma’s outfit from the film. I like everything about it!

THe big day has come! A few touch-ups and a little stress.

The wonderful Vera Wang wedding dress in full caption.

Two friends in opposite fields.

The wedding decoration for Emma and Liv’s wedding.

The final battle of the war.

Emma is the one not getting married after all. She manages, although, to fix things with Liv and spend beautiful moments together.

And they lived happily ever after.


2 Σχόλια to “Bride Wars: Fashion Review”

  1. Mariletta Οκτώβριος 16, 2010 στις 2:52 μμ #

    Latremenh tainia kai to nifiko ths Liv einai uperoxo!!!

  2. maria Οκτώβριος 17, 2010 στις 5:33 μμ #

    foverh h kate hudson!!! ti mallia..ti ntysimo!!!! alla h anne epaize pio wraia…:)


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