Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×17

2 Αυγ.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned here that we have a new kitchen installed in our house. And I couldn’t be more excited about it! I spent about an hour today looking for delicious and easy-to-make recipes to try. I’ve bookmarked recipes mostly about cookies, muffins and brownies, some about melted cheese and a few including eggs. Tomorrow though I am trying my old-fashioned oatmeal, just to see how it goes.

While it is still summer, a few reruns of Gossip Girl won’t do anybody any harm. There are still two more episodes from season one. I am a bit disappointed that there are not so many great outfits from both.  But Blair manages to make up for the lack of outfits by wearing a very gorgeous dress at the end of both episodes.

One of the things you have to love about GG, apart from Kristen Bell’s naration, are the fast glimpses of New York we get to see. Like these two…

Georgina is not a very pleasant character for me. But I have to admit she wears the best kind of sunglasses. And rocks them!

Lonely boy and his dad at their house. Dan’s style has improved, for I love his shirt.

Vanessa wears a black cardigan with animal print and a few golden jewelry to perfect her outfit. Me agrees. 

Lilly Van der Woodsen looks maybe younger than her daughter when she’s putting on a pair of skinny jeans. But her very beautiful jacket shows maturity and sophistication! 

Chuck being pretty! Oh, how I worship this boy… His style is a lot metrosexual, but he doesn’t lose his macho attitude at all.

Nate and Chuck are still not speaking and they are being all broody to each other. Please, make up boys and soon!

Chuck is very comfortable on Blair’s couch. She has invited him and Nate at her place for an emergency… named Serena.

Georgina still tries to reach Serena, but she’s not answering her phone. Love her grungy t-shirt matched with the black leather jacket.

Blair finally arrives with Serena in a mustard colored dress.

Adore this cute white bow the dress has.

Serena, totally messed up. This girl always gets in trouble, because she loses control over situations!

Blair, stop having amazing hair! I mean it!

Rufus Humphrey is planning a comeback as a rock star. I fancy this photo a lot, which seems to have been taken by Lilly.

Dan also arrives at Blair’s house to find Serena.

Chuck bringing something that is either an english muffin or a donut. Either way, I am hungry!

Serena finally appears looking better than before, but still a mess. At least, she has a nice purple robe on.

Serena confesses everything to her friends, about what happened a year ago. After this incident she had to go away from New York (if you remember, she came back in the first episode of season one).

If you can understand, she was involved in some drugs and her guy-friend obviously took an overdose.

Lilly’s and Bart’s pre-wedding party is taking place at the New York Palace! I am a bit jealous…

Blair in a fascinating dress and  a gorgeous headband. Love this! Serena’s dress is not bad either, but not as great.

Serena and her mum have the talk! As much as I like the LBD, why not some color? Maybe, this is a certain color themed party where you have to dress in a certain color?

Blair’s lovely headband. Can I borrow?

Nate reminds me a lot of guys in Milan in this outfit. A lot of them wore a suit jacket over a pair of trousers. Soooo sexy!

Yes, more shots of Blair! And one with Chuck’s misapproval! Or disgust, maybe? 

Serena’s golden coat must have appeared in another episode. It’s pure gold…!

The last fashion recap for season one will be up very soon! I only have a few editing in Photoshop to do! Hope you’re enjoying them!




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