My new pair of oxfords

9 Ιολ.

Good morning everyone! Recently I’ve bought a new pair of flat tan oxfords and I am so excited! Honestly, I had been after this pair for two months and waited for sales to come just to get it! It’s not like it costed hundreds of euros, but still it was worth the wait! Oxfords are the kind of shoes that can go with everything and are so in right now. Of course, I own a pair of heeled leather brown oxfords for 3 years now, but never had a pair of flats. A lot of celebrities are wearing them these days, but who better to wear British shoes than a British? I am talking about Sienna Miller of course…

Inspired by Sienna I have put together four looks that I think would look great this summer!

Look one: Combine a bright colored dress with your oxfords. Because of their color (tan) they look great with any other color. But even if yours aren’t tan, it’s still a good idea to pair them with a fun dress.

Pull & Bear dress, Massimo Dutti belt, shoes, Accessorize hat

Look two: A pair of jeans is always a safe  choice. Just add a bit of color to that!

Massimo Dutti t-shirt, jeans, shoes, Accessorize purse

Look three: During summer everyone’s putting on a pair of shorts. Why not wear them with your oxfords? This is a great look for summer.

Zara shorts, Massimo Dutti t-shirt, shoes, Bag from personal collection

Look four: The final and more girly look is this one with a high-waisted skirt and a nice golden purse. Perfect for going out!

Massimo Dutti blouse, shoes, Zara skirt, Accessorize purse


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