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What to Wear this Fall

16 Αυγ.

With half of August gone, summer is almost over and taking notes about what to wear this fall seems appropriate. Normally I don’t take notes about fashion, I go through a fashion magazine, like everything I see but rarely think their suggestions are worth including into my personal style. But, this fashion editorial from Women’s Health magazine (yes, a fitness magazine, not fashion) made me excited about fall. The pieces chosen and presented are easy to find and most importantly…super stylish!

The Cape

I already own a cape in a grey-brown knit from Massimo Dutti, which I adore. Capes are very easy to wear and take off and when they are knitted they are so comfortable. I suggest you choose a color that is versatile and depending on your style, pick the right fabric. Knit for casual and wool for a formal appearance.

The Maxi Skirt

The skirt the model is wearing here looks very sexy…on her. I’m not sure if it would look the same on me (I am only 1,60m tall). But I do believe that the sexy cut on the side would make any woman look more feminine and the addition of those over-the-knee boots adds a bit of edge on the look.

The Lace DressThis is a must! Preferably in black, or if you’re bold and confident in white. This type of dress has a bit of vintage and romantic air to it and makes you look sexy without showing too much skin. Plus, who doesn’t love lace?

The Wide-Leg PantA wide-leg pant looks great on slim figures and definately on tall women. So, if you’re either don’t hesitate on trying this look. Now, we normal height women could flaunt this pant as well, but don’t forget to wear a pair of really high heels to give the illusion of higher legs.

The Leopard Cardigan

Personally I am not a big fan of animal print. It all depends on the quality of the fabric, the print itself and the size of the garment. If it comes in a size as small as a cardigan, I could wear it easily. I also hear that animal printed heels exist…

The Luxe ParkaI will need a lot of parkas this fall/winter as I am moving to Stockholm in a few days. But who says that we have to look out of fashion during cold weather? The furry hood is not only great for protecting your ears and neck from cold, it also does miracles on your style. A must!!!


Le Coin d’ Alsace

4 Αυγ.

It is time to start sharing with you my experiences from my last trip. Today I want to show you a little place called «Le Coin d’ Alsace» in Strasbourg that is the cutest, most wonderful and adorable small store you should visit. It is housed inside a building that characterises the main architecture in the city, a black and white timber-framed house! YES! I don’t know about you, but I love these houses. Inside the house there is the ground floor and on your right there are stairs that get you to two more floors! Apart from the tourist stuff you will find in any other place, here you are most likely to buy things for your living room, like cushions, for your kitchen, like oven mittens and decorative stuff for your own bedroom. Take a look at a few of the great items that can be purchased here…

So, I got some things for myself. My favourite is the owl! I almost adore it! It will be perfect for winter nights with candles…





Did I tell you? I love red!

7 Απρ.

Good morning everyone! Last night I went for dinner at an italian restaurant and ate loads and loads of pasta! To be more specific, Penne All’ Amatriciana, that has become my favorite lately. Today is a free day for me and as I was internet shopping I spotted a few dresses and accessories in red and since I’ve been saving a lot of photos for inspiration I decided to show you a few.

First, I’d like to start with this gorgeous dress by French Connection. This long sleeved lace dress reminds a bit of Erdem’s S/S 2011 dress, but it’s a more affordable option. However, it’s still great for spring!

Moving forward, have you taken an interest in this blondie as I have? Her name is Jennifer Lawrence AND her performance in Winter’s Bone, made her known to the audience. I have not yet seen the film (how dare I, right?), but I’ve read a lot of good reviews. Now, my main reason for reffering to her is this adorable red dress she’s wearing. She is a fine example of how good red looks on blonde girls! Just lovely!

Red food! And more importantly red sweets. Like cupcakes and strawberry tarts. So irresistible and tempting!

These YSL red suede pumps! Hard to walk on them, but they are real beauties!

Last but not least accessories of course! If you don’t want to stand out a lot with bright red, you can always wear a red necklace, a ring or carry a small red bag.

P.S. Not to ruin your mood or anything, but today I found out a friend of my mum’s died after a long fight with cancer. It made me think, once again, how unsure life is and how everyday we nag about unimportant things and argue with relatives/friends for nothing. So, please, do me this favor and today don’t let anything make you feel bad. Laugh, smile and enjoy every moment! And if you feel like you should tell somebody something, tell them today!

Ideas for Christmas presents

19 Δεκ.

It’s this time of the year again and you have to buy a few presents to those important people in your life, whether it’s your parents, your other half, a sibling or a friend. Now, if you are like me, you haven’t yet bought the presents and it’s only like 7 days till Christmas. Well, don’t panick! There’s always some time left and remember what they say «It’s the thought that counts!». So, if you’re really stuck and don’t know what to get for your loved ones, take a look at my suggestions and a little plan on how to make your choices.

You need to take into consideration a few things such as

  • your budget! It’s the basis, because without it there will be no presents at all.
  • your time! You can’t decide to go for shopping and spend a lot of hours wondering around in shops desperately seeking for a present.
  • the meaning of each present! Ok , you may not have a lot of money, but you can’t buy something meaningless (and let’s face it, stupid) just because you’re low on cash.

Once you have figured out how much money you will spend on presents, you could maybe make a list of the names you will be buying gifts for and next to each name write a possible idea for a gift or a hobby they have, a book they mentioned they wanted to read, a pc game they want to play. You get the point!

Now, my suggestions for presents are the following:

A perfume or a scented lotion

You can never go wrong with a perfume especially with women! But, don’t attempt to buy a perfume for someone you don’t know that well or what he/she likes.

For the ladies, a new edition of Frowerbomb by Victor&Rolf is out for this Christmas! And, The Body Shop has released again this year, as usual, its festive limited editions of Spiced Vanilla, Cranberry and Orange. Prefer Spiced Vanilla, it’s a safe choice.

For the lads, a gift box with a pefume and an after shave would be the best. Choose a clasic scent like Cool Water by Davidoff .

A book about a favourite hobby

Yes, ok, some people can have weird hobbies or no hobbies at all! But, if you know that someone is really interested in something, getting them a book about it would be the best. For example, if your mother loves cooking Italian or Spanish food or just cooking for that matter you should get her a related cooking book. I heard the new Jamie Oliver book is out!!!

A classic DVD for the cinemaniac

This one is my category! I love films and love going out to the cinema or catching a film on dvd back at home with some pop corn. And you have a lot of possible choices. Remember again to think about favourite films mentioned or recent releases that have not yet been purchased. But be careful! Don’t buy them something you think they will probably already own (or you know they own it). Also, you could buy them a classic Christmas film, which is ideal for this holiday. Personal choices? Home Alone and Love Actually.

A box set for the TV show addict

This is a good choice as well if you know someone who is addicted to his/her favourite show! Apart from the classic Friends and LOST, perhaps you could choose The Vampire Diaries for the ladies (or guys) and  Mad Men for your macho guy friends!

A subscription to their favourite magazine

It’s not a gift they will immediately recieve, but they will most definately appreciate! Look around for a magazine they read (and you know they don’t subscribe to) and pay for an annual or 6-month subscription!

A spa treatment

This present would be amazing for someone who is tired all the time due to work or other responsibilities. The choice of treatments is up to you.

A book with love poems

For your someone special you could buy a book with love poems by the famous Pablo Neruda. His collection of poems is passionate and emotional and sure to make happy your loved one if they like poetry or are romantic.You have two options, however. Buy the original and spanish version or the translated one in english. If you ask me, the original work cannot be translated…

Now, after you decide what you’re going to get for everyone write it next to their names on the list you have made.

Next, if you want your presents to have a nice packaging you could buy the equipment and do it yourself.

Happy Holidays and good shopping!

Christmas stuff by Toast

10 Νοέ.

Μου ήρθε απρόσμενα την προηγούμενη βδομάδα ένας κατάλογος της βρετανικής εταιρίας Toast και έτσι ανακάλυψα μερικά πανέμορφα στολίδια και είδη διακόσμησης για τα Χριστούγεννα, αλλά και άλλα πράγματα για το σπίτι. Φυσικά, είναι ακόμη νωρίς για να στολίσουμε τα σπίτια μας, αλλά όχι για να πάρουμε μερικές ιδέες.

A Toast catalogue came to my house last week unexpectedly and so I discovered some beautiful ornaments and decorations for Christmas, but also other things for home. Of course, it is a bit soon to decorate our houses for Christmas, but not too soon to take some ideas.


Baggage & Socks

8 Νοέ.

Μια από αυτές τις μέρες που έτυχε να πάω (πού αλλού;) στα Oysho εκτός από τις vintage πυτζάμες και τα δαντελένια εσώρουχα ερωτεύτηκα αυτό το πανέμορφο σακ βουαγιάζ (sac voyage για να ‘μαστε ακριβείς) και ένα ζευγάρι μάλλινες κάλτσες! Έτσι, βρήκα ένα θέμα για φωτογράφηση με φόντο το επίσης vintage σαλόνι της γιαγιάς μου…

One of this days that I happened to go (where else?) to Oysho apart from the vintage pyjamas and the lace lingerie I fell in love with this beautiful sac voyage and a pair of wool socks. So, I found a theme for photography and as a background my grandma’s also vintage living room…


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