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Warm this winter

17 Σεπτ.


Hello, there. Are any of my readers left? Sorry I haven’t been updating lately, but I am still adjusting to this new life and I need to find some schedule between University, free time and blogger time. So, today I had a visit to IKEA. Yeah, typical Swedish of me. Of course it was crowded with people and everyone was having a «fika» (swedish traditional coffee break) every now and then. I saw so many pretty things which I’m going to buy later this year.

Anyways, the weather is getting colder here, but not as cold as I would like. Can you believe this? Me, a girl from a hot country complaining about the weather being too warm. But, I am longing for cold weather so I can wear all the knitted and woolen clothes I’ve bought here. Oh, and my weather boots. Also, some very comfy homewear and pyjamas. Love the new campaing of Oysho. And If you don’t know yet, they have installed an online shop…so go ahead and buy some nice vintage inspired lingerie and some warm cardigans for this winter.

Something preppy this way comes…

13 Αυγ.

…and it’s Franklin and Marshall brand new autumn/winter campaign. I must admit I am in love! Like everytime I see autumn campaigns, full of warm jackets and comfy sweaters. Well, it’s not my fault I prefer colder climates, sitting on a comfortable sofa in a small cafe, enjoying some hot chocolate while outside it’s raining OR even better… snowing. Plus, I was always a fan of preppy sweaters and plaid button-up shirts. I prefer casual wear to formal anytime of the day! And Franklin and Marshall have convinced me that I need to buy a few of their clothes this autumn/winter.

Let it be autumn

7 Αυγ.

During the end of summer I get this weird desire for colder climate and atmosphere. The desire to wear knitted cardigans, scarves and hoodies. Maybe it’s because I live in a warm country (Greece) and our summer is extended until late October that I get the need for change. That is until now. In a few days I will pack my things (most of them) and head for a very different country… Sweden. Yes, I will go from hot to cold in an instant. Can’t wait to experience something completely different. But more about that in later posts.

The latest campaign of Hugo Boss Orange, shot in Amsterdam, Netherlands looks so beautiful and fills me up with inspiring outfits to wear in Stockholm this autumn. Also, the cast looks so young and fresh, a very important factor for a campaign aimed for young people. Amsterdam is always a great city to take really nice photos. So, enjoy the big collection of photos and dream of brown leaves covering the streets soon.

Ooh La La, C’est Blake!

2 Ιον.

I could look at this photo for hours and not get bored. Yes, I do have a girl crush on Blake Lively, there I admit it! But you can’t change the fact that Karl Lagerfeld, creative executive and major designer for Chanel. chose her as the face of the «Mademoiselle» line last year.  What I like most about this photoshoot are the red heels and the hairstyle! The hair-twist in the second, third  and last photo is to die for! So, enjoy this Glamour photoshoot with lots of  love.

Inspiration: Penelope Cruz

18 Μάι.

I was wondering when I would be inspired by a real woman and this time it’s from a Spanish woman. Penelope Cruz was photographed for Vogue US in all white outfites and very light make-up that makes her look more eathly. What a true, flawless beautie she is, right? I love this photoshoot so much! It makes me think of bright summer afternoons and valleys full of flowers. Also, I would like a lacy dress as in the first picture so much!

Vintage Inspiration: Sessun

14 Μάι.

Good evening, lovely readers! What’s better than a quiet afternoon drinking some green tea latte and eating cookies while watching The Big Bang Theory reruns? Nothing! It’s weekend and I couldn’t feel any happier, I’m almost ready to have my first swim in the sea (almost).  But there’s something missing from all this happiness… a new swimsuit!

So, I have another amazing discovery this week for you to take a look at! It is again a french clothing line that took my attention, Sessun. Its unique and simple Spring/Summer campaign is what won me over. Especially the high-waisted pair of striped shorts! You should also take a look at their fun and cool blog here.

Comptoir des Cotonniers Summer 2011

28 Απρ.

Another month and then summer will be here! Prepare yourselves for bright colors (red, blue, yellow, green), a sun-kissed skin, light clothes and a trip to Southern Europe. I am so looking forward to this summer and I am definately inspired by this new photoshoot by Comptoir des Cottoniers.

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