Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 2×01

23 Οκτ.

Hey guys! I have some great news for you! After a big absence from the blog I am coming back with a new season of Fashion Recaps from Gossip Girl and a lot more to come. New season and new faces will come to the amazing life of the Upper East Siders. For me, this season is a great one for Blair’s hair and generally for the characters as they mature in fashion and age (more in fashion though). I am so thrilled to do this again and you can tell by the ammount of screencaps I’ve made for you…

The first episode takes us to another chic part of the lives of the Upper East Siders and that is… the Hamptons. A vast area in Long Island, New York where a lot of rich people reside during the summer. It looks very idealic for summer by the looks of it.

Long sandy beaches are always a plus durring summer. They are my favourite actually because I love the feeling of my feet sinking in the sand as I walk.

Chuck is the first one we get to see and no wonder why. He looks like he just got out of an old Hollywood film with his vintage hat and his green striped t-shirt. Always, so stylish this boy!

Checking out his phone to see Blair’s whereabouts.

Serena is also heading for the beach wearing a lovely silvery kaftan that looks too good for the beach. I would be afraid to wear it, it looks so pretty.

A huge bag is needed when going to the beach, and if it happens to be a straw bag the better. Wearing jewelry on the other hand… I’m not sure. I never do because I always forget to take them off before swimming and they get ruined. But if you’re not so much the swimming type, by all means wear them.

Dan still in New York trying to socialize with the intelectual world of Manhattan.

Little J works for Blair’s mom right now. But things aren’t looking so well, as her supervisor tries to make her do more chores and less creative garnments of her own.

That one looks intense. 

Chuck you don’t need to check yourself in the mirror. You’re just fine.

Oh, a beautiful bouquet. Wonder who’s that for?

Well, you guessed right. Chuck wore a coral colored jacket and his charming smirk and went to welcome Blair who’s been travelling during the summer.

But Blair is not a girl who waits for her prince charmed to come. She goes and finds him.

Apart from the gigantic and ugly bag, this whole look is really cute! I also love her luggage!

This looks like a humble estate… It’s where Blair and Serena pass their time sunbathing and drinking refreshing smoothies.

Blair wears an adorable floral one piece. I love the cute cut and the vintage pattern. Serena wears another kaftan, this time in golden.

Look how adorable are the sailing boats on Chuck’s t-shirt.

Some ice-tea or perhaps a lemonade paired with some fruit. Now that’s the right way to spend summer.

Jenny is fitting a dress she made. Would love to get one of these dolls to fit dresses. But first I need to learn how to make the dress…

Serena getting ready to go out on a day.

I really like the color of her dress. Can’t figure out though if there is an animal print on it. The neckline is very sexy however.

And Blair’s green dress also looks kinda nice. But her amazing curls are distracting me from looking at it.

Some more ice tea. Yum, yum! 

Blair and her new boyfriend are having lunch with Chuck, Serena’s brother and Serena’s grandmother. That’s quite a company.

Blair gets to wear two headbands with a big flower or bow on one side in this episode. This is the first one. 

Chuck and his bow ties never get old. And I don’t think another man would be so comfortable wearing pastel colors.

Oh, remember this heart pin? It was given to Nate in the first season from Blair as a very intimate gift. 

Blair and Chuck have a small talk about the pin. Chuck seems to think it’s a big deal if Blair has given it to her new boyfriend.

But no… she put it there on purpose! Smart girl.

Next day, Blair and Serena have a stroll while enjoying some kind of pink lemonade? Could this drink be more girly? Love it!

Have to admit I don’t like either of the dresses. But I love Blair’s scarf around her hair.

Chuck and Nate are also having a stroll drinking some coffee. Chuck is seriously acing this preppy style. And striped shirts are always in fashion. But most of all I like his hat.

Of course they meet Blair and Serena.

Dan having breakfast back in New York. Must be lonely being the only one left in NY.

The two best friends and Eric playing golf. Yes, golf. Did you say something about stereotypes? 

Chuck changed into a diamond knit vest and his usual bow tie.

Look at his socks! And paired with some really nice oxfords.

Blair and Lord Marcus decide to ride their bikes together. I regret not owning a cute bicycle with a little basket in the front. I only have like two stupid mountain bikes. Yikes! 

Well, well. Look who decided to come to Hamptons after all. New York was being too boring for you Dan right?

Jenny and Eric going together to a big all white coctail party. Jenny’s dress is very cute and adorable. Guess she managed to fit it right for her tiny figure.

Who’s amazing hair and back is this?

Well Serena’s of course. I absolutely a-d-o-r-e her hair here. And the white dress is also very nice.

Dan taking advice from grandma Van der Woodsen!

Now we get to see Blair’s dress, which is nothing less than perfection. I really,really like it.

And her headband also.

Screencaped this one just to show the many Vitamin Water in the bar counter. Wonder what the pink one tastes like… Anyone know?

Blair with Lord Marcus having a few issues caused by Chuck’s presence.

Serena helps Nate with a «girl» problem. The girl being an older woman.

Until Dan decides to stop by and ruin the fun.

Serena has to explain everything and excuse herself, but Dan is not innocent himself. He does look cute in his beige costume though.

I think that the silver jewelry on Serena’s hair makes all this more perfect.

If you are a true fan of Gossip Girl then you know what this scene is all about… Three letters, eight words.

Nice car Mr Lord. How about a sweet ride in your convertible?

Serena and Dan have a romantic bonfire next to the sea coast.

Ahhh fireworks. Is this cheesy or what? THE END



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  1. whatmakesuslive Απρίλιος 29, 2012 στις 3:40 μμ #

    serena’s dress @ the white party is simply stunning!

    uuuhm but the game chuck, nate and eric are playing is called cricket… just saying…


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