Warm this winter

17 Σεπτ.


Hello, there. Are any of my readers left? Sorry I haven’t been updating lately, but I am still adjusting to this new life and I need to find some schedule between University, free time and blogger time. So, today I had a visit to IKEA. Yeah, typical Swedish of me. Of course it was crowded with people and everyone was having a «fika» (swedish traditional coffee break) every now and then. I saw so many pretty things which I’m going to buy later this year.

Anyways, the weather is getting colder here, but not as cold as I would like. Can you believe this? Me, a girl from a hot country complaining about the weather being too warm. But, I am longing for cold weather so I can wear all the knitted and woolen clothes I’ve bought here. Oh, and my weather boots. Also, some very comfy homewear and pyjamas. Love the new campaing of Oysho. And If you don’t know yet, they have installed an online shop…so go ahead and buy some nice vintage inspired lingerie and some warm cardigans for this winter.



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