On Foreign Grounds

1 Σεπτ.

That’s right people! I have officially moved to a foreign country way up north. That country is…Sweden and the city…Stockholm (or Stckhlm as I like to write it). It is a rather small city considering it’s the capital. But I’ve had noticed from my previous trip here that it is sparsely habitated. It means that there are big areas of green and forests, but not a lot of houses (outside the centre of Stockholm).

I’ve been here for two weeks, but I haven’t done much stuff since I had to do some Swedish courses, register at the University and other important things. But I’ve had the time to go around and visit a few places. So… here are a few things I have to show you.

Beautiful Scandinavian houses

The ones we dream about, with little attics and a big garden? In the area that I live there are sooo many. Each one has its own beauty.

Gamla Stan (Old Town)

It’s filled with tourists every day! It’s not very big, but it is full of beautiful old buildings. You shouldn’t try to eat or buy anything here though. It’s double the price. Walk a bit further and you get to the centre of Stockholm (Sergels Torg).

Candy Shop

In this candy shop you get to see how they make the candy. If you have a sweet tooth then this is the place to go. Below you can see a chocolate fudge candy that was offered to me.

Beautiful Bridges

Stockholm is almost like a big island. And all around there is water. Love it!

Sunday Book Sale

Drottninggatan is filled with people selling old and used books on Sunday. A must if you are a collector or a book-worm.


The best place to find books in English and with a good variety/price. Got one myself! And then sat down for an espresso at the Espresso House.

Sergels Torg

Where a lot of people get off from the Tunnelbana (metro) and gather around. Not my favourite place. It’s a good option for shopping though, because you can find a lot of shops wherever you look.

American Cookies

I’ve noticed that the Swedes love everything American. This stand here has a huge variety of muffins and cupcakes and cookies and so on… Haven’t tasted anything yet, but will soon.

T.G.I. Friday’s

Had to eat here on Sunday. I was so hungry and this was the nearest place to eat. I really enjoyed my quesadillas. Yum!

Montis Gelateria

This is the best (so far) italian ice cream you can find in Stockholm. And it offers a lot of flavors. Here I am tasting blueberry. It was so good!

Swedish Sweets

Swedish love their sweets! And they are very good at it! Try one of their traditional sweets and you won’t regret it!

Random photo

There was like a team-marathon (I don’t know what it’s called) at the Gamla Stan the other day. Teams of four or two people tied to each other were running in streets. Pretty cool and scary… one athlete almost knocked me over.

That’s all the experiences I can share so far. You will probably get a lot more from my life in Stockholm from now on. So far I really enjoy it! Let’s see what happens when winter comes…



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