Something preppy this way comes…

13 Αυγ.

…and it’s Franklin and Marshall brand new autumn/winter campaign. I must admit I am in love! Like everytime I see autumn campaigns, full of warm jackets and comfy sweaters. Well, it’s not my fault I prefer colder climates, sitting on a comfortable sofa in a small cafe, enjoying some hot chocolate while outside it’s raining OR even better… snowing. Plus, I was always a fan of preppy sweaters and plaid button-up shirts. I prefer casual wear to formal anytime of the day! And Franklin and Marshall have convinced me that I need to buy a few of their clothes this autumn/winter.


2 Σχόλια to “Something preppy this way comes…”

  1. Olga Αύγουστος 13, 2011 στις 12:27 μμ #

    Hey, what a lovely blog you have there:D I was just going to make post about a preppy style of clothing when I saw this! By the way, you can check out new H&M collection, it’s the same back-to-college thing.
    Following your blog,

    • mpgirrrl Αύγουστος 13, 2011 στις 12:34 μμ #

      Hey, thank you for your nice words and following.
      Yeah, you’re right! I just saw it. It looks very good.

      xxx Maria


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