Let it be autumn

7 Αυγ.

During the end of summer I get this weird desire for colder climate and atmosphere. The desire to wear knitted cardigans, scarves and hoodies. Maybe it’s because I live in a warm country (Greece) and our summer is extended until late October that I get the need for change. That is until now. In a few days I will pack my things (most of them) and head for a very different country… Sweden. Yes, I will go from hot to cold in an instant. Can’t wait to experience something completely different. But more about that in later posts.

The latest campaign of Hugo Boss Orange, shot in Amsterdam, Netherlands looks so beautiful and fills me up with inspiring outfits to wear in Stockholm this autumn. Also, the cast looks so young and fresh, a very important factor for a campaign aimed for young people. Amsterdam is always a great city to take really nice photos. So, enjoy the big collection of photos and dream of brown leaves covering the streets soon.



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