Le Coin d’ Alsace

4 Αυγ.

It is time to start sharing with you my experiences from my last trip. Today I want to show you a little place called «Le Coin d’ Alsace» in Strasbourg that is the cutest, most wonderful and adorable small store you should visit. It is housed inside a building that characterises the main architecture in the city, a black and white timber-framed house! YES! I don’t know about you, but I love these houses. Inside the house there is the ground floor and on your right there are stairs that get you to two more floors! Apart from the tourist stuff you will find in any other place, here you are most likely to buy things for your living room, like cushions, for your kitchen, like oven mittens and decorative stuff for your own bedroom. Take a look at a few of the great items that can be purchased here…

So, I got some things for myself. My favourite is the owl! I almost adore it! It will be perfect for winter nights with candles…







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