Back to Basics

29 Ιολ.

Heeeeeeey, you guys! I am back from holidays! I feel sleepy and dizzy from the trip back home and have so many memories with me. Milan, Paris and Strasbourg were amazing… only for the part where rain was involved. Especially when I was in Paris, it was a bit devastating, but still Paris looked as magical as I had left it. Milan was very much the fashionable city everyone’s been saying and Strasbourg…was incredible, magnificent and so many more adjectives. But whole posts about them will come soon! Now, I am back to Athens getting ready for a new adventure, one that will last a little more than 12 weeks.

Anyways, August is almost here, the last month of summer, and autumn seems closer. There are a lot of lovely new collections that are coming our way. But still there is the smell of summer in the air and in a country like Greece you can’t help but to love summer in all its beauty. So when I saw these inspiring photos from Free People taken in Venice I was inspired and had to share them with you!


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  1. Haruka Αύγουστος 1, 2011 στις 8:47 μμ #

    SWELL’s video for FP’s August campaign:



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