Fashion Icon: Emma Watson

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I want to wish everyone to have a good month! Yes, July finally came, the second month of summer. And a very breautiful month for me! In almost two weeks I am going on vacations via interail and I can’t wait! Also, the last part of Harry Potter films will be releashed and the fairy world of Harry Potter will come to an end. But it will be the most incredible end! As a result, I was reminded of Emma Watson and her amazing fashion sense!

Emma Watson, who we met years ago as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, is this post’s fashion icon for one special reason: she keeps it simple and has a flawless skin. Ok, maybe that was two reasons. Anyway, she is British, which means she gets to be a bit of a tomboy at times, but she knows how to wear feminine clothes and look her age. She’s only 21, but who said that good style has an age?

Formal Wear

Whenever Emma gets on that red carpet she puts on glowing gowns and a huge smile on her face. Her choice in gowns has matured over the years and I believe that since she cut off her hair her style improved instantly! Maybe it was a great change after all… My two favourite appearances of her are the two last ones, the first at the UK premiere of Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows part 1 and the second one at the MTV Movie Awards 2011.

Casual Wear

One thing I love about her casual style are her awesome trench coats (from Burberry) and her amazing studded black bag. But my favourite outfit is the first one that I would totally wear.


Emma has been photographed a lot of times. And a few of them really rocked!


Emma was chosen to be the face of Burberry in 2010 appearing in their ad campaign. Lancome also chose her to be their new ambassadress and a photoshoot in Paris was set by Mario Testino.



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