Fashion Review: Evening

14 Ιον.

Hey, everyone! This Fashion Review comes from a film I watched ages ago and recently rewatched  it on tv. The film tells a beautiful story of a woman (Ann) in her last days, who brings back memories from the past as her two daughters stay next to her until the final minute. The cast just couldn’t be any better, including Vanessa Redgrave, Claire Danes, Hugh Dancy, Natash Richardson (Redgrave’s daughter), Glenn Close, Mamie Gummer (Streep’s daughter) and Meryl Streep herself in a small scene.

What I love about this film, it’s that the memories from the past are set on the 1950s, a great decade for fashion!!! The scenery is also very beautiful, with houses right next to the sea, amazing interior and fancy convertibles. On its whole it’s a worth-watching film.

It begins with our main character, Ann, who dreams she is young and lying on a boat wearing a white nightdress. In the first flashback Ann (Claire Danes) visits her dear friend Lila (Mamie Gummer) who is about to get married. Lila’s brother, Buddy (Hugh Dancy), picks her up in his red convertible. Hugh Dancy is rocking this style and I swear I like his outfits more than the female ones.

Ann, is very fashion-forward for her time (she must have a good stylist, hehe). Love her jacket!

I dream of living in a house like this when I retire. It would be the best!

This is Lila, the one who is getting married. Doesn’t she look exactly like Meryl Streep, only younger? Damn, those genes are good! Also, adore Lila’s hair, that little curl it on the side.

Get ready to be  shocked by how totally inspiring the interior of this house is. 

Anyone know where I can find a suitcase like this one? Want one so badly!!!

Do you notice the way she is wearing her belt? I’ve seen this trend in many fashion blogs!

A bit more of the amazing scenery…

This is where Ann meets the love of her life, a young doctor named Harris, who looks like he’s come out from a Cruise Collection ad.

Glenn Close plays Lila’s mother. And a chic one that is.

Another glimpse of the interior and a tour around the house while dancing to 50s music.

A dinner is held before the wedding. Ann is dressed in a lovely navy blue dress!

But I prefer Lila’s dress more. It’s has a flowery print and a gorgeous cut on the back (and a bow around the waist).

Love what Hugh is wearing again, but most of all his hat. These are so back in fashion right now (like they ever were out of fashion)!

Hey, hey, who’s that guy smiling on the left? I think I’ve seen him in Season 4 of Gossip Girl. Hehe!

I don’t really like the dress. Seems very simple to me…

Oh, Mrs Close has such a way to wear her clothes!

Ann in an olive dress tries to sing for the bride.

This is a cute pink suit for a lady. 

Meryl Streep appears too, as the older version of Lila.

The last scene that’s worthy of fashion reviewing is this one. It is set on New York on a rainy day. That’s so Breakfast at Tiffany’s (last scene), but who cares? I love a man in a trench coat holding an huge, black umbrella.




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