Film Review: Love & Other Drugs

24 Μάι.

Hey, lovely readers! What’s up? It’s been a while since I’ve written a film review. No, I haven’t stopped watching films or anything as catastrophical as that, it’s just that I wasn’t really inspired to comment on how boring it was! Yep, boring! I’ve seen quite a few films lately, like Last Night, Night at the Museum, You Again, Source Code and many others, but none made any kind of impression to me!

At last, last night I watched Love and Other Drugs, and I am thrilled to say…I liked it! You might think that I am a snobbish film- addict-wanna-be-real-life-reviewer, but when you read the storyline and some naughty/nasty details, you’ll wonder why I came to like it at all!

The Story: Jamie Randal (Jake Gyllenhall) is a young man with many charms and good looks in his pocket, but not a right job yet. One day, after he quits from his job as a sales person in a Hi-Tech store, he decides to become a drug representative for a famous Pharmaceutical Company. As his fame and reputation spread, he meets a young girl, Maggie Murdock (Anne Hathaway), who is not impressed by his tricks. After the incident that brings them together, they start having regular sex together with no strings attached. The only two problems are Maggie’s non-curable disease (Parkison’s disease) and Jamie’s strong feelings for her.

You may have heard that this film has a lot, a lot, a lot of sex! It’s true!!! The begining of their relationship is  based on them going at it anytime, anywhere. BUT,  I didn’t find any of those scenes as vulgar, offensive or anything like that. I only have one objection about one particular scene, which doesn’t even involve the two main characters. So, not a problem in that area folks!

Moving on from that, this was a great film. At the beginnig it was fast-paced, then a bit slow in the middle, but the end was worth it! I don’t know why, but I am a big sucker for guys running after girls when they realise they are crazy about them! Yes, this one has a happy end, but it doesn’t come so easily…!

Also, I found Anne’s performance to be delightful! I already knew she is a lovely young actress, but it is not easy (I imagine) having to pretend you have an illness. This girl, at only 26 years of age, was at the first stage of Parkinson’s disease and the symptoms had already started. There is a devastating scene where Maggie tries to open the bottle of pills, struggling really hard, only to discover there are no pills left. This one moved me to my core! And Anne delivered it so perfectly! Bravo!!!

Jake was…cute and adorable like a Teddy Bear, but lacked emotions and some…talent! Don’t get me wrong, he is nice to look at and he’s done better in other films, but this one was not his best. His character didn’t have so much depth compared to Anne’s and I strongly believe it was Gyllenhall’s fault. Nevertheless, he portrayed the charmed efficiently and I have to say that maybe I would be fooled by him too!

The Conclusion: I sincerely suggest you try this film just to take a taste of a realistic love story and learn that love and trust are the hardest things to obtain! Big words, right? I’ll stop right here! Just go watch the damn film already! 🙂



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