Inspiration: Penelope Cruz

18 Μάι.

I was wondering when I would be inspired by a real woman and this time it’s from a Spanish woman. Penelope Cruz was photographed for Vogue US in all white outfites and very light make-up that makes her look more eathly. What a true, flawless beautie she is, right? I love this photoshoot so much! It makes me think of bright summer afternoons and valleys full of flowers. Also, I would like a lacy dress as in the first picture so much!


3 Σχόλια to “Inspiration: Penelope Cruz”

  1. maria Μαΐου 19, 2011 στις 2:25 μμ #

    einai thea me to aspro!

  2. Angela Donava Μαΐου 22, 2011 στις 12:28 μμ #

    Belle!!! Tres belle!!!
    Angela Donava

  3. Angela Donava Μαΐου 22, 2011 στις 12:29 μμ #

    Belle!!! Tres belle!!!


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