Travel Through a film: in Barcelona

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Hey, everyone! May has finally come and it is one of my favorite months (along with August and December), because I will be celebrating my birthday in 4 days! That’s right! I am turning 22 this year and I hope to be wiser. I have been looking for things I like in the market and I have yet to decide what I’m going to buy myself for my birthday!

Other than that I decided to make another lovely post about travel and cinema. If you remember, my first Travel Through A Film was for Tuscany. I’ve chosen a European city that I am very happy to have visited and that is… Barcelona! Ah… Barcelona is like nothing you have ever seen before. It combines the old city with the new so beautifully and has some of the best plaças! My favorite part of the city was the Rambla, Placa Catalunya and the old town. And the food! Yes, spanish food was amazing for me, because it was served without any hour restrictions (like in Italy, France and so many other countries) and it tasted so familiar to our own food, filled with quality seafood, a lot of rice and corn! What I didn’t like? The people spoke no English at all! And I mean it (and say it with all respect to Spanish people)! It was even worse than when I visited Hungary or Chech Republic, because in Spain I talked to them in English and they replied in Spanish, or even worse in Catalan! I had a tiny bit more luck in Madrid though…

Vicky, Christina, BarcelonaWe are going to start with a film that honours the city with its title! Woody Allen’s comedy about two totally different friends who visit Barcelona for a summer to have fun and end up falling in love with the same charming Spanish man (Javier Bardem).

La Sagrada Familia, the Sacred Family, a catholic church designed by famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi.

Inside Santa María del Mar, one of Barcelona’s most striking churches.

Casa Mila, here we see the roof of this magnificent building designed by Antoni Gaudi.

A trip with a boat is never a bad idea when you are in Barcelona (or anywhere else in the Mediterrenean Sea).

Mmmm, seafood and a lot of fish! Best dishes you’ll ever taste in Barcelona! Try a paella with shrimps or other seafood.

A little of spanish guitar to calm the nerves and pass a wonderful evening.

This must be near the Barceloneta. It is the area next to the sea

Walking around the streets of the old town. You have to explore each corner to acknowledge how beautiful this part of the city is.

Park Guell, by Antoni Gaudi. A beautiful park designed again by Gaudi.

Taking some pictures to capture the memories.

This is La Rambla, a 1,2 km pedestrian street outside market. Lots of interesting things to buy here! 

Palau Nacional, here you get to see a clear view of Barcelona, cause this palace happens to be on the top of the city.

Love the architecture of Barcelona. It has some of the most interesting building you’ll ever see. 

The front of Casa Mila. I swear Gaudi was a genious!L’ auberge espagnole (The Spanish Appartment)

This French film starring Romain Duris, was one of the first (maybe even THE first) french films I’ve seen. It was part of a project my French teacher had assigned me and I had to watch two french films chosen by her (one was this and the other was A la folie…pas du tout) and then talk about what happened. And all that without any subtitles! It was pure terror back then (but helped me a lot with how my French is today). Anyway, this film is about a young student in Paris who goes to Barcelona through a student program in Europe called Erasmus. Then, the real fun begins as he has to live with an Italian, a German, an English, a Dutch and a Spanish roomate.

Placa Reial, a great place to hang around, right next to the La Rambla.

Another view of Park Guell. Don’t you love all these different, colorful patterns?

La Barceloneta, what a lovely place to be during the summer! Love, love, love the beach and the sun.

On the top of the Sagrada Familia. There is some work being done in the church. Same as when I visited it! Hehe!

Near the beaches of Barcelona. Sea is a reason I loved this city more than Madrid. It called out to me!

Long night walks for the Erasmus students! They are living La Vida Loca!

Perfume, the Story of a Murderer

This masterpiece of a movie, was filmed in a lot of places around Barcelona, although the story took place in France and Italy. Of course, some scenes where filmed in Germany and France.

The first murder of the red-headed woman (and a girl crush, may I add) was filmed in Plaça Sant Felip Neri.

And the scene where everyone got naked was film in Poble Espanyol!

I feel that these three films captured the essence of Barcelona. The first the more touristic, fun side of the city, the second the wild and exciting side and the last the historic side.



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