If you love croissants!

26 Απρ.

And I’m sure you do! I mean who in this world doesn’t drool over the view and smell of a «p’tit pain au chocolat» or a «croissant au beurre». French are known to master this little treats (even their neighboors the Swiss don’t make them as good). So, one day as I was walking at the centre of Athens I came across this french boulangerie (bakery shop), PAUL, and I was so excited and glued myself on the windows admiring the little «tartes aux poires» and «tartes aux framboises» (pears and raspberries). But the real shock came when I stepped inside and smelled the fresh baguettes, croissants and anything else you could imagine. I was truly in heaven!

I picked a «tarte aux fraises», a «mille feuille» (classic and chocolate) and an «eclair». Plus, two croissants and two «pains au chocolat». Honestly, I couldn’t resist (plus the family had to eat as well).

My opinion? I loved the tarte and the mille feuille au chocolat. The croissants were amazing, like the pains au chocolat. Generally, everything was fresh and the ingredients tasted perfectly. I would recommend this boulangerie to everyone who lives in Athens and to every tourist that comes here! Now, during the summer I’m going to Paris  and I will visit the french PAUL. Then I can tell you if they taste any different. But from my share of tartes and croissants I had the 4 times I’ve been to Paris (not PAUL however), they almost reached that perfection! Almost!

PAUL boulangerie, patisserie, Panepistimiou 10, Syntagma, Athens

P.S. I don’t know if I’ve told you before, but I have a twitter account as well! It’s more of a personal account, rather than an account for the blog. I don’t talk about my blog, just personal stuff and silly things! But if you like to follow me and chat, let me know so I can follow you as well!


Ένα Σχόλιο to “If you love croissants!”

  1. maria Απρίλιος 29, 2011 στις 5:34 μμ #

    miam miam!!!!


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