Fashion icon: Sienna Miller

20 Απρ.

Good morning ladies/gentlemen! After a few days of no sun at all, the sun is back! I can’t stand this constant change in weather. April is about to end and the sun should settle! Today that it’s shiny, it’s a perfect reason for me to go for a run! Have you heard the phrase «a runner’s high»? It totally happens to me, especially when I have my mp3 LOUD and run for at least half an hour. You should try it, it will make you feel better.

Yesterday, I was watching an interview of Keira Knightley (gorgeous!) and Sienna Miller on the net and was like «Damn you, Sienna, you’re looking great again». I mean, doesn’t she? She may be British, and no offence to the Brits, but she looks nothing like a British. Her feautures are so delicate and no matter how old she gets, she still looks the same to me. I love her style because it’s so versatile. She can rock both feminine and androgynous style. She could have no make-up on or just a red lipstick and look amazing. She is a natural beautie and has great fashion sense. So, let’s have a look at what Sienna has worn over the years.

Formal Wear

Sienna in most of her formal appearances she wears glamourous gowns and keeps her make-up extremely simple, with a few exceptions! This makes her gowns stand out while keeping her beautiful eyes with a bit of mascara and eye liner. On a few occasions when she wears a more neutral colored gown, she puts on a red lipstick that makes her instantly more feminine.

Casual Wear

Her casual wear consists mostly of androgynous style and rock inspired pieces. Sienna masters this style too by wearing long pair of trousers with killer high-heels. It seems as though this girl can do no wrong.


Her haircolor has been blonde over these years and straight. However, there are a few hairstyles that fascinated everyone, like her beautiful braids.

And last but not least, because she has an amazing body, I coudn’t not show you her sexiest appearance ever!


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  1. Diamond Cat Απρίλιος 23, 2011 στις 2:46 μμ #

    Lovely blog, ~


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