Did I tell you? I love red!

7 Απρ.

Good morning everyone! Last night I went for dinner at an italian restaurant and ate loads and loads of pasta! To be more specific, Penne All’ Amatriciana, that has become my favorite lately. Today is a free day for me and as I was internet shopping I spotted a few dresses and accessories in red and since I’ve been saving a lot of photos for inspiration I decided to show you a few.

First, I’d like to start with this gorgeous dress by French Connection. This long sleeved lace dress reminds a bit of Erdem’s S/S 2011 dress, but it’s a more affordable option. However, it’s still great for spring!

Moving forward, have you taken an interest in this blondie as I have? Her name is Jennifer Lawrence AND her performance in Winter’s Bone, made her known to the audience. I have not yet seen the film (how dare I, right?), but I’ve read a lot of good reviews. Now, my main reason for reffering to her is this adorable red dress she’s wearing. She is a fine example of how good red looks on blonde girls! Just lovely!

Red food! And more importantly red sweets. Like cupcakes and strawberry tarts. So irresistible and tempting!

These YSL red suede pumps! Hard to walk on them, but they are real beauties!

Last but not least accessories of course! If you don’t want to stand out a lot with bright red, you can always wear a red necklace, a ring or carry a small red bag.

P.S. Not to ruin your mood or anything, but today I found out a friend of my mum’s died after a long fight with cancer. It made me think, once again, how unsure life is and how everyday we nag about unimportant things and argue with relatives/friends for nothing. So, please, do me this favor and today don’t let anything make you feel bad. Laugh, smile and enjoy every moment! And if you feel like you should tell somebody something, tell them today!


2 Σχόλια to “Did I tell you? I love red!”

  1. Angela Donava Απρίλιος 11, 2011 στις 11:04 πμ #

    J’adore rouge aussi!!!! Mmm…Quelle bague!!!
    Angela Donava

  2. Maria Απρίλιος 17, 2011 στις 5:53 μμ #

    Wraia h pandaisia tou kokkinou!!!!


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