It’s Boarding Time

2 Απρ.

Today my feet are killing me, because I wore a pair of high heels for about 4 hours while walking around (I sat down for a cup of coffee of course) and I’m really not used to that kind of torture. You may ask why I wore those darn high heels! There is a price to pay when wearing pretty shoes and I really love wearing them (the first 5 minutes).

Anyways, there is a new shoot for Mango S/S 2011, shot by Terry Richardson, and Oh my, is it beautiful or not? All those bright colors, the fresh air that this Brazilian model brings and the fact that it’s shot in an airport (hint,hint a way to escape). If I had to pick a few items, it would be the bright red sweater, the polka dotted skirt, the red dress and the gorgeous sunglasses. Oh, and that suitcase, please!


2 Σχόλια to “It’s Boarding Time”

  1. Angela Donava Απρίλιος 4, 2011 στις 12:19 μμ #

    Super style!!!Wow!;)

    Angela Donava

  2. Maria Απρίλιος 4, 2011 στις 2:42 μμ #



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