Gossip Girl: Fashion Recap 1×06

6 Μαρ.

Hello, it’s Sunday today! A perfect day to sleep late in the morning, eat a full breakfast and watch old episodes of Gossip Girl in the afternoon. Also, you can read this Fashion Recap and get inspired once again by the Upper East Siders. The most exciting part of this episode is the masquerade ball, organized by no other than Blair Waldorf. We get to see a lot of glamour and a lot of masks (some actual masks, other not so much). 

May I remind you that Miss Blair Waldorf is arranging everything? She has Jenny Humphrey run all the errands of course, but she (Blair) is in charge of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. That means the best dresses, the best guests, the best food, the best ball ever.

This is Serena Van Der Woodsen’s mask. Very royal, don’t you think? We’ll see more of it during the episode.

Jenny Humphrey is looking preppy in this red trench coat, cremy beret and white shirt with a black bow.

Blair and Serena are relaxing on Blair’s queen size bed. Serena is wearing a silk nightie in pink.

Blair is wearing a dark blue bath gown.

A new face comes to Brooklyn. It’s an old friend of Dan, Vanessa. When I first saw her I was in love with her dark curls and her piercing blue eyes. I love her adidas black jacket.

Dan is wearing a striped shirt with a rhombus knitted cardigan. Very, very nice Brooklyn boy!

Wow, that’s a lot of boxes for one tiny girl. Great jacket by the way and a polka dots dress.

Nate Archibald can’t help being stylish even when he’s just in his pyjamas!

Chuck is trying on masks and wearing a rhombus knitted pink sweater over a white shirt.

Blair in a rather everyday outfit we’re not used to. She’s wearing a pink cardigan over a blue shirt with a white colar and a pair of black shorts.

Isabel Coates and Kati Farkas, friends of Blair, could not be any less stylish and fashion forward than Queen B.

This boy (Nate) has some seriously awesome style. And a gorgeous face to match that!

This is Serena’s outfit for the ball. A bright yellow bandeau dress and a back furry bolero.

Being playful, aren’t we? With a mask this amazing who wouldn’t be?

Vanessa is wearing a beautiful patterned dress with a big blue belt around the waist, plus a light grey velour jacket!

Eleanor Waldorf, Blair’s mum, is also organizing a party, but with a different theme as you can see. It’s more ethnic, less mysterious.

Mrs Van Der Woodsen looks so beautiful in this kaftan dress.

Oh, wait! This is Caridee English from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 7!

Everyone is wearing a mask. Chuck is the devil, Blair the Queen, Nate the Phantom of the Opera and Serena probably a princess.

Jenny Humphrey, although didn’t have an invitation for the ball, managed to get in all by herself. If you notice her dress is also yellow! This will lead to problems when she exchanges masks with Serena.

The Queen has a few clues  for the Phantom of the Opera tonight! Hope he gets them right.

Nate and Chuck are having a drink together. Nate is looking for Serena, though. He’s still not over her!

Serena is dancing with another prince, who is not Dan. Ouch!

I love Serena’s curly hair. And her whole outfit is amazing!

Chuck and Blair together! Quite a lethal combination!

Chuck is charmed by Jenny, although he doesn’t know it’s her. That’s why I love masks! Anyone can be and do anything for a day without anyone finding out!

Nate as the Phantom of the Opera. He really looks good! I love this mask! And he has this sad look on his face…

This is when Serena and Jenny exchange masks and Jenny then passes for Serena. Even Nate thinks she is Serena and whispers something in her ear!



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  1. Angela Donava Μαρτίου 7, 2011 στις 4:16 μμ #

    Les photos sont splendides!!!

    Angela Donava


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