212 VIP, Carolina Herrera

19 Φεβ.

Good morning ladies (& gents maybe)! Don’t you just love it when after the rain the sun comes out and small rainbows are created in the sky? Today is one of those rainbow days and I adore it! I can’t go out to jog or bicycle, but I can stay in and write another post.

It’s been a long time since I made a photography post. Yesterday my eye spotted my new delicious perfume of Carolina Herrera 212 VIP! As I was watching my reflection on its golden surface I got inspired and created a little gold, lace & pearl photoshoot. Now, this ain’t some professional photoshoot, I am just playing with my camera and photoshop. But I love photography and I get inspired by so many bloggers out there who are simply amazing, like The Cherry Blossom GirlMaking MagiquePink BowParis In Pink and so many others.

For this photoshoot I used apart from the perfume mentioned above, colors I absolutely love to match with gold details, like red, black and white. The pearls add a bit more girly attidute, don’t you think?

Carolina Herrera is such a stylish woman who loves New York and gets inspired everyday by this hectic city that never sleeps. Following her steps, her daughter Carolina Adriana is also a woman who knows how to dress, is confident and has an air about her. I’ve found this gorgeous documentary about the perfume and New York, that you should watch if you love the city (and dream of going there one day like me)!



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