Inspiration: Oysho S/S 2011

29 Ιαν.

Hello dear readers! Lately it’s been all about exams and studying (most of the time), so I haven’t been posting so much. But today as I was drinking a cup of cappuccino at the nearest Starbucks I came across the new campaign of Oysho and I was thrilled! We might still wear our warm coats and our beanies (I were one every day), but spring is coming sooner than we think. I love spring, because I was born during spring. I love the flowery prints in dresses, the pastel colors, drinking refreshing smoothies and wearing cute sandals. What’s not to love about spring? And summer is even better… sun kissed skin and rosy cheeks, no need for make-up because you have a natural glow from all the sunbathing, cute retro bathing suits, walks on the beach and my favourite of all… bicycling right next to the sea. Oh, I was lucky to be born in a country where you really can appreciate summer (but in winter you want to move to Alaska).

Now, about the campaign. I am absolutely in love with it! Love the minimalistic make-up, the green background and of course the garments! If I had to choose a few then I’d probably pick the light blue shirt, the polka dots bikini (adorable), the white pair of shorts and the lacy blouse. And let’s not forget about sunglasses and sunscreen…



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