Around the World: Kastoria

9 Ιαν.

Hello, everyone! This kind of post had to resurface again, since what kind of a passionate traveller am I if I don’t write about those travels, right? So, this time my trip was in a beautiful city of Northern Greece. What I loved most about it is that it combines the mountain and the lake together. The lake’s waters are so calm that the whole city reflects on them making a beautiful sight.

Yes, this is me! I might as well introduce myself properly. Maria, 21 years old, nursing student, lover of the 7th art, passionate traveller, have a sweet tooth, loyal fan of Supernatural and Charmed, like vintage fashion and old films and have one dream in this life : to travel as much, taste as much and learn as much there is out there. Can’t yet decide where I’m going in this life, but I know that in the end it will be exactly where I’m supposed to be.

What you should taste:

This part of Northern Greece is known for its various kinds of beans, like chickpea, common bean and black-eyed pea. When you visit Kastoria of Florina you should taste their bean soup or request the «Giant beans» called «gigades»in greek. Also, local people here make delicious pickled vegetables such as cabbage or red pepper. And last but not least, there are a lot of sweetened fruits we call them «sweets of the spoon» because normally you eat only a spoon of it or you eat it with a spoon (taking the whole fruit). What are they? They could be any kind of fruit (grape, strawberry, cherry etc) and they taste like jams only they keep the whole fruit and not just the syrop.

Interesting activities:

Riding the bike all the way around the lake or walking up to the top of the city where there are lots of cafeterias, shops and stuff and its quite a good exercise.



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