Films to watch in 2011

4 Ιαν.

Happy New Year everyone!!! May this year bring you all the health and happiness in the world and may you give all the love you have to other people. I had a great time these past few days and now it’s really difficult to get back to business.

As you may know I love watching films. But not any kind of films. I am very selective in what I watch and what I recommend watching to others. This year there are a lot of interesting films coming out (most films released in late 2010 come out here in 2011) and I can’t wait to sit on a comfy chair and eat pop corn while Javier Bardem or Robert Pattinson comes on screen. There is not one specific kind of films I enjoy. It all depends on my mood and what feelings I want to experience via the film. The genres I often watch are drama, science fiction, crime, romance, thriller, adventure, comedy, epic and war.

Biutiful (2010 Cannes Film Festival-2011 for some European countries)

Directed by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu, this drama film focuses on a single dad with underworld issues, as he tries to find his past love and secure his children’s future. Javier, who has previously won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, is once again close to an Academy Award nomination. Even if he doesn’t get nominated he won the award for Best Actor in Cannes Film Festival (which counts more, if you ask me). Just the fact that this film is outside the american cinema industry makes it more appealing for me to watch. There are a lot of latin films out there that are really outstanding. And do I have to mention that Iñárritu has also directed 21 grams and Babel?

Black Swan (2010 Venice Film Festival-2011 Europe)

Two gorgeous young actresses (Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis) and one french hottie (Vincent Cassel) star in this dark psychological thriller (my favourite). Nina (Natalie Portman) is a young and talented ballet dancer who gets the leading part of the White Swan in the play «Swan Lake». However, Lily (Mila Kunis) gets to be the Black Swan and closer to Nina. With time Nina starts becoming more and more the Black Swan herself. The trailer is so much interesting, that I really have my hopes up for this one. We’ll see when it gets out.

Blue Valentine

This love story starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams is about a married couple and their ups and downs during different time periods. Seems quite simple to me. But the critics are talking about realistic acting and raw emotions in this film. So, this romance drama might be worth watching after all.

No Strings Attached

A classic tale of two young friends who try being friends with benefits and can’t really help feeling things for each other. I have to admit I have a crush on Ashton Kutcher and his romantic comedies, so I will be wathing this chick flick for sure. Also stars Natalie Portman. There are a few good lines in the trailer, but I don’t think it to be more than what it is.

The Rite

A young and innocent priest in Vatican learns all about exorcism and demons through his mentor Father Lucas (Antony Hopkins). In the trailer it is being said that this is a true story, so it might be interesting. I’m not a fan of exorcism films (although huge fan of Supernatural), I have to say I am intrigued by the appearance of Antony Hopkins, since he’s always so amazing. But can he really make a film worthy just by his presence? We’ll have to watch this one and find out.

The Roomate

Leighton Meester has two films coming out this year and one of them is the Roomate. The story is pretty basic, a freshman girl moves in college and her dorm roomate is Leighton. At first everything is great between them until the roomate starts being stalker-ish. This film DOESN’T have a plot we have not seen before (remember Swimfan or Obsessed?), but it IS Leighton starring and she seems quite freekish to me. So, I’ll have a look at it, but won’t get too disapointed if this turns out to be a mistake.

Just Go With It

I had missed Adam Sandler for so long, I almost started having withdrawal symptoms. This comedy is about a man who tries to seduce women by pretending to be an unhappy married man, but when he meets a special someone he gets his female friend (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend she is his soon-to-be-ex-wife. And that’s when everything gets more complicated.


Dr. Harris (Liam Neeson) wakes up from a coma after an accident he had in Berlin, but when he gets back to his real life nobody knows who he is, not even his wife. Somebody else has taken his identity. A young woman (Diane Kruger) helps him find out what has happened. This is the kind of mystery plot I enjoy (like The Net) and I will by all means be watching. Liam Neeson really doesn’t age with time at all and plus he is a fantastic actor.

The Adjustment Bureau

A young ex-basketball player (Matt Damon) with a promising future in politics meets a beautiful ballet dancer (Emily Blunt). However, he gets approached by a group of men claiming to be «The Adjustment Bureau» who make things happen and basically have his whole life in plan. This science-fiction film has an appealing trailer that could really be something amazing (like Inception) or a big fat disappointment.


This animation film with the sweet voice of Johnny Depp is not to be missed! This lizard seems quite funny and frankly, just adorable. The story is basically about a lizard who tries to survive in the big desert, but fails big time.

Red Riding Hood

I suppose you have read this fairytale when you were little. Well, forget about it! The only thing that was left from the tale is the red hood! Valerie (Amada Seyfried) falls in love with a handsome wood cutter , while her village is being haunted by a warewolf. The villagers ask for help from a fighter (Gary Oldman) to help them kill the monster. This film is directed by the same director of Twilight and seems to have the same atmosphere, but a bit less PG-13. My question is this… will there be a hidden grandma somewhere?


Another fairytale is being modernised to be seen on the big screen. Beastly is based on Beauty and the Beast but it takes place in a different time and place. Young Kyle (Alex Petyfier) has all the money and reputation in the world, but his heart is made of stone. So, when he comments on a girls looks he doesn’t have in mind that this girl (Mary-Kate Olsen) is a beautiful witch who transforms him into an ugly monster that nobody loves. Reasons for me to see this film? One. Neil Patrick Harris.

Water for Elephants

For all you Pattinson fans comes a film about a young veterinary student who gets involved with a famous circus «The Benzini Brothers» . There he takes care of the animals and gets involved with beautiful dancer Marlena. The first trailer that was releashed lefte me uninterested. But this one (the official trailer) is purely amazing. Also starring Reese Witherspoon.

Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

The 4th sequel of the Pirates of the Caribbean is missing two of its leading characters, William Turner and Elizabeth Swann. However, there is still the handsome and totally hilarious Jack Sparrow in this new adventure. Along with him are Jeffrey Rush as captain Barbosa and a few new friends (Penelope Cruz). I AM A HUGE FAN of Pirates of the Caribbean and OF COURSE I will be watching this sequel (and any other sequels).



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