My Christmas Preparations

24 Δεκ.

It’s Here!!! Christmas Eve is Here!!! And we couldn’t be happier in my house. My mum and I baked some delicious and traditional cookies for the holidays called «Kourabiedes». If you’ve ever been to Greece around Christmas you must have tasted them. Along with «Melomakarona» they are everywhere you go. Some cafeterias even offer them with your morning coffee.

My mum insisted on making only star shaped cookies, but I wanted other shapes as well and made some christmas trees and some shinning stars like the one guiding the three Wise Men or Magi towards the born baby named Jesus. I had such fun making those!!!

Now, let’s see how they turn out baked!

We finally decorated the Christmas tree last night. It was a bit late but we had some things being done around the house and a christmas tree would be in the way of those things.

Stay tuned for more fun on Christmas Day! Which is tomorrow!!! Yeah! Have fun everyone! I wish you all Merry Christmas!


Ένα Σχόλιο to “My Christmas Preparations”

  1. Maria Δεκέμβριος 25, 2010 στις 7:11 μμ #

    Mou anoikse h oreksh pali!!!!!!!


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